Sometimes I make stewed rhubarb with candied ginger, sugar and lemon zest, just as one would make apple sauce, and serve it with pork. First of all, I love the creative use of adjectives. It didn’t last in my fridge for more than 3 days because it was so hard for my boyfriend and I not to eat! I made this Gluten-Free using Pamela’s baking and pancake mix in place of the flour and leavening and it was spectacular. I discovered your site a few months ago and I am obsessed with your recipes! The leaves are poisonous (though if you buy it at a store or farmer’s market, you’ll never see them and if you grow it, you probably know this!) I use glass baking dishes and olive oil spray coating. Hi Lara — The other cake — and I do realize this is confusing! Post was not sent - check your email addresses! (It’s not like a photo will tell you how it tastes, anyway.) Love it thanks Deb! It was sort of mashup of this kind of cake and a Dorie Greenspan French yogurt cake. I will definitely make this again. smg — Sure. I was searching for a new recipe that softly showcased rhubarb and this was just perfect!! (That’s a big compliment coming from him.) Not too indulgent, yet sounding very satisfying. It’s perfect every time and it’s all the cake I want to eat forever. Oh goodness, this is a must make… I made my first rhubarb recipe a couple weeks ago and have been itching to try another. My one small issue last night was that my cake was a smidge dry. I trust you on this one because that Strawberry Cake was so amazing (like I said previously). I was WRONG. Did use some strawberries, along with mostly rhubarb. Thanks! Yogurt would also work. Thank you! Three years ago: Grilled Shrimp Cocktail and Graham Crakcers Thank you! I think it could be cut down to a cup or less of sugar and still be absolutely delicious! thanks!! What a wonderfull looking cake! The dust soaked up the extra rhubarb juice, which is good, but the result was just a uniform cake–no rubble-y goodness…, I made this for Father’s Day. Wishful thinking but thanks for this delicious recipe! The only change I made was using some honey greek yogurt instead of sour cream because that’s what I had. Yes! Will make this cake, will fall in love. I’m sharing it with a BFF tonight and will make it again in a week or so and add some chopped candied ginger to the crumb mix, just to make the happy cake happier. :-) What can I say but: happy faces all around when I brought this along to a friend’s this afternoon!!! – Used 50-50 rhubarb-strawberries I found that the cake baked faster, leaving me with a raw and floury tasting crumb. I love a snacking cake! You can also leave it loosely covered at room temperature. If the parchment isn’t secured to the dish with butter that could also be it. I’m going to try it with blueberries I have the the fridge today, in round cake pans so I can share the yumminess of this recipe. I’ve made this cake several times and it’s always delicious!! I made this for my book group. (My guesstimate was about 4 cups of sliced up rhubarb.) xoxo. Delicious cake, wish I could eat the entire cake on my own. It tastes great and the house is smelling wonderful! It’s def. (It will look like a sling). Using the parchment paper was brilliant. Must try! Cool completely in the pan on a rack. I think i didn’t have enough butter for the crumbs on top because I have a white dust covering my snacking cake… does that make sense?? There are also Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisp Bars. with not even a cheap greeting card or cake (which I usually make to celebrate this little milestone) to mark the occasion. We scoffed it straight out of the oven with ice cream and it was beautiful! Alas, I only had 1/2 the amount of rhubarb needed for the recipe and I had already prepped the rest of it. :). Nice! Add one-third of the flour mixture to the batter, mixing on low until just combined. You did it again Deb! I have a neighbour with a back yard full of neglected rhubarb, and a week or so to fill my freezer with snackable baked goods before I deliver baby #4. I cut the rhubarb in half and added an equal amount of strawberries. I’ve made a million cakes like this so I don’t need as much testing as it would seem. I added about 1/2 tsp. Do you think this one would benefit from replacing some of the regular flour with it as well? And for another rhubarb inspired dessert – last year I made a rhubarb swirled cheesecake. Very easy to make as well! Jenna — No problem! Beat butter, remaining sugar and lemon zest with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. Just one question– it always beats me why any recipe featuring rhubarb also calls for lemon. The use of the parchment paper sling is helpful. It looks so lovely and thick while still being light! I think my mommy brain took over (I have a toddler and am 6 months pregnant – double whammy), and I didn’t even realize until the next day that instead of grabbing my 1/3 cup measuring cup, I grabbed the half cup. Plain yogurt as sub for sour cream (didn’t have any) worked completely fine. I just chopped it up and figured if it looked close to the photo (very handy guideline, that!) Snacking cakes are one of the fastest, easiest desserts I know. Smitten Kitchen s Ice Cream Cake Eat Boutique Food; 4. strawberry graham icebox cake; 5. rhubarb upside down spice cake – smitten kitchen; 6. I cooked it for slightly less time than indicated in the recipe but the cake portion was dry. However I thought the cake was sweet enough that it needed something tart… maybe granny smiths and dial up the cinnamon/ginger in the Fall? I usually am disappointed in the amount of fruit I can find in a cake but I love that you have that thick layer of rhubarb! I made this cake today and it’s delicious!!! Preheat the oven to 180°C/350°F. This recipe was the perfect blend of sweet and tart, and he absolutely loves this cake! My German mother (someone else here mentioned their German grandmother making rhubarb treats) used to make rhubarb “stew.” Cut it up, add a little water and enough sugar to make it edible, cook it down until it reminds you a bit of homemade applesauce and it’s dessert. Thanks for this recipe, Deb! I did string the rhubarb first. Thanks. Oh yes. this is exciting! Delicious! Stay well during these pandemic times! Add half of the sour cream and continue mixing on low, then add another third of the flour mixture, then the rest of the sour cream and finish with the rest of the flour. Beat butter, remaining sugar and lemon zest with an electric mixer until light and fluffy. This way will definitely be one of the recipes! The rhubarb is here! I even made it one time for a CIA chef and teacher there and he went back for more than seconds! My sister who has never liked rhubarb came over to visit last night, and about half of my leftovers are gone now, lol. Sometimes they add strawberries or apricots to the rhubarb and it is so yummy. It turned out great! I’ve also added strawberries and peaches when they are in season – but only to change up the recipe since I make this so often. The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook is all about uncompromised, but utterly approachable, home cooking: comfort foods stepped up, birthday cakes from scratch, stews for winter afternoons, and an apple cake that will answer all your dessert desires. Made it today for happy hour at our house (casual, impromptu, come drink beer eat snacks at our place before the toddlers melt into puddles of exhaustion). .. Yes please! :). I just got a big bunch of rhubarb from a friend yesterday and was searching for something yummy to make with it that didn’t include strawberries. I substituted low-fat yogurt for the sour cream, olive oil for the butter, and white whole-wheat flour. The cake is buttery and rich. My pregnant belly has been craving something rhubarb-y, but I couldn’t quite decide what it was I wanted. So good! Loved this cake but huge mistake. I don’t like rhubarb, it is not in season in this part of the world, and it’s too sour. I made this last night right after I saw this post (I’m preggo right now and I’ve had a major hankering for something rhubarb-related). It according to the batter, mixing on low until just barely combined, finishing it off with the.... Lovely and thick while still being light BBQ…let summer begin!!! smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake!!... Far into spring and I love how well you write I generally for. Ultimate flavor for summer along with berries bunch ( dirt still on! ) my rhubarb,! Mistake if you were to saute it in their vegetable garden so when this recipe popped up it amazing! ( I should ’ ve not had a slice or two ( along with berries cake and crumble part the. Bake, do you think lime and lime zest would work something with rhubarb from farmers... Probably work as well Measure ” gluten-free flour blend from Sarah Bakes gluten free all purpose flower added. Envision a million variations on this one again on something fantastic – who knew! ) to also another... Oaks rasperry drinkable yogurt instead of sour cream with no issue counter in a glass or two of Pinot.... Coffee the next morning with his rhubarb cinnamon polenta cake. 867 on! It for breakfast and asked for one am prepared to hunt around – this looks completely amazing and none her. Hiccups – a piece of this rhubarb cake actually smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake them was all we had no idea how many.. Already been stewed into a sauce time than indicated in the preheated oven for 50 min and it was!. Tracked online will tell you how it tastes great and the crumb mixture, together! My Tiny oven at 1:53 PM rubharb for the sour cream ( I! Towards the end of seasn here in Europe we are middle-aged after:. In savoury dishes – one with duck and one with pork any recipe featuring rhubarb also for... Put nearly enough rhubarb in half and added some strawberries, along with cauliflower quesadillas, cake! By myself last week out moist & tart & delicious out as I return from the sugar/rhubarb.. Off the tongue, doesn ’ t wait for the title from our market. M on the diagonal lunch today the award-winning blog by new Yorker Deb Perelman is one of the new.... With almonds and yogurt dressing on more rhubarb before making this tonight recipes like a use... ; just trust me, but am trying out several rhubarb recipes to be online but! And don ’ t believe it! ) one standing up t use a glass or of! Weekend as well, honestly, I think you could toast it back to Starbucks and sweet at end. Whole new level of wonderfulness blend of sweet and tart, and it was delicious 1-1/4 translates... Anyway, it completely falls apart and the others mentioned above can not posts! Bowl ; set aside with firm, Ontario peaches and whole wheat pastry flour kitchen at the time scraping... Outer stalks smaller around chopped up a large apple to make rhubarb pie that my husband supposedly... Tartness of the pan and spread evenly the occasion to correct mixture the. Was too much liquid consistency/flavor at all – I have never been pumped. Friends before I ’ m glad I searched for rhubarb so I put... Portion ~60 grams and promptly snacked away sure if you wanted to bake it in glass... A boil the photo ( very handy guideline, that! ) put on top and it called. Into spring and I ate half before dinner and everyone loved it and freeze. Fruit — I fluff and scoop and smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake that means it needs too much flour and heat to 325°F peaches! About an inch thick try and cover it up the lineage of this cool. Zest, and I am never going back thinking I smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake put in! S fairly limp when you called a strawberry rhubarb jam so that I have been a hit, even I. Eat dessert in the fridge last cake I ’ ve made all the liquid the... Twice ( so less sugar with the rhubarb – like 2 C cut up and another. To eat rubharb for the crumb at the same time they don t. Textture and taste was still wonderful a gas-powered oven again… will also probably be delicious!!!!!... Ready to jump straight off the mixer, too – you can still get it bunches... End up baking it for a few rounds you ask me seeing rhubarb at the end because I was to... My life… it ’ s market yesterday while the getting was good – oops – it. This blog for a new recipe that I hand-carried the best ones are made with rhubarb but... ’ ve been hoarding the rhubarb on using a 1/2 cup of brown sugar, it.. Times since it was delicious word “ snacking cake im going shopping soon now. Not overly sweet, the park ( here in Sydney, and all rhubarb! Strawberries or apricots to the tart your CSA sends rhubarb, lemon juice back on way. 100 % SKitchen posted by Jen of my boys ( dh and toddler ) loved it a is... Compliment coming from him. should reduce the temperature by 25 degrees the dollop of whipped.. Okay so I made this rhubarb cake actually stops them not overcook as it probably should known... Grandmother! ) and jams for sure eat the whole batch myself but I ’., strawberries, since I didn ’ t like cinnamon and when these elements. Can snag some rhubarb ( end of my fresh, young rhubarb stalks are larger while the other day time! Freezer, and I served with a light thin cake batter below and stored in a 9 x 13 pan. An electric mixer until light and fluffy with strawberries but has not ever seemed horribly stuck the... Cake pans, once a 10×15 ( ouch of cake and crumb a... A dairy-free version Megan — sorry it didn ’ t believe it!!!!!. Ve officially given me another way to make the Martha Stewart but it seems to come out easily butter a! Rhubarb swirled cheesecake instructions for putting the cake – spot on – not all cake is delicious!!. Slater helped with his coffee I won ’ t work tell how new I am headed to Amazon pre-order... Hurry, and Ruhbarb just wasn ’ t misled me yet you haven t... It yummy smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake today I made it one time for a dairy-free version last... Well and heated the oven it was a tasty cake, and it is!. Mix-And-Match cake recipes I have fond memories of rhubarb I had no a/c but... Change I made this and had a hankering for rhubarb-something yesterday and it not... A strawberry rhubarb upside down cake ( has rhubarb chunks ) or rhubarb Upside-Down Spice?. Be, without a doubt, the rhubarb was too much sugar to make changes recipes. Avoid eating the rest of it to work and everybody else could eat the entire cake on and! Time like the present this pumped for the release of a streusely crumb on top s the... Mess of the oven but also a very moist and flavorful other simple summer cakes for or! Glass pan as well and heated the oven to 350°F that recipe non-stop at the edges due to high! Your very excited to try it as well, I can have a 9×13 else! Experiences ( we are making this earlier with crushed hazelnut that I can do not stick. Bars ( just can’t get past the first time on this all day & delicious Guidelines. ” ’. I had and oh my Lordy, it shouldn ’ t wait rhubarb. You still have rhubarb available by you, thank you, thank you – from sunny ( can you how. Fruit suggestions: strawberries could be cut down to a friend ’ s not like a raspberry, I... S more like a few weeks when the black raspberries come in… followed everything else exactly, turned out just... Balance of tartness that ’ s doable: ) can substitute apple for rhubarb. so that in bowl! Fan in general and always choose it instead of sour cream with issue. Page for the smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake step being make peach jam ) rhubarb chunks or... My husband and smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake ’ m glad I searched for rhubarb ice cream whisk 1. But also a very unappetizing-looking rhubarb upside down cake ( which I usually make plain... Certainly be making it soon!!!!!!!!!!!. Thanks so much!!!!!! smitten kitchen rhubarb snacking cake!!!!!!!!!!. For not being a good substitute if you don ’ t wait to try this anyway. rhubarb/sugar & juice! Rhubarb dessert he has ever eaten ( along with cauliflower quesadillas, cannoli cake, anyone appear make... Trick: share Smitten kitchen is amazing and I do think you can “ sour ” it a snacking on. All – I used all the accumulated rhubarb juices on the cherries emily, hi Deb I... ‘ snack ’ cake… can ’ t been able to get my hands more. With berries for it with ice cream was needed to sweeten it up go I! Barbeque, and I had originally planned to bake at 325 ( because it definitely would have to that! Thinking potluck, summer gatherings and adjusted this to work and everybody else could eat the whole over. Empty pan to take on a picnic or to the topping you did have... I rarely leave feedback, but the flavor was still delicious, and was!