Description: Prints memory information on client and calls garbage collector, Command: pplist toggle_blood_on NA – Toggles the blood on. Some of the things you can unlock in the 7 Days to Die trainer are – infinite health, infinite stamina, infinite food, infinite water, unlimited items, unimited ammo, super speed and more. 2. sets the temperature unit to Celsius. Command: sounddebug All Rights Reserved. Command: showalbedo For the uninitiated, Console mode is a debugging tool which has a lot of functionality to the game. No detailed help available. Change to day (Day 1, 8am): “st 16000”. Set/get ban entries. You can fly faster by pressing and holding Shift. In order to use the add/remove sub commands with a name or entity id the player has to be online, the variant with steam id can be used for currently offline users too. kick [player] [reason] NA – Disconnects a player from the server. 1. Usage: whitelist add whitelist remove whitelist list. The 7 Days to Die trainer makes it possible to have easy access to some real 7 Days to Die cheats without too much stress. settime [#] st — Sets the current world time. No detailed help available. shownexthordetime = Displays the wandering horde time, shownormals norms = enables/disables display of normal maps in gBuffer, showspecular spec = enables/disables display of specular values in gBuffer. 3. sets the time to the given value. Note: Codes are case sensitive; ‘a’ is not considered as ‘A’. Description: Get the current game time, Command: givequest No detailed help available. Description: toggle debug scope. settime [#] st – Sets the current world time. buff = Applies a buff to the local player, chunkcache cc = shows all loaded chunks in cache, commandpermission cp = Manage command permission levels, creativemenu cm = enables/disables the creativemenu, debuff = Removes a buff from the local player, debugmenu dm = enables/disables the debugmenu. Started by Lui1995, 01-04-2018 Example: “se 1807 20” player-id = 0 if you are alone. Search the game world for loot to craft and upgrade your weapons and equipment. 7 Days to Die is a new survival horde crafting game from The Fun Pimps: . Note: cloud textures MUST be locasted at ./resources/textures/environment/spectrums/default, Command: shownexthordetime No detailed help available. toggle_blood_on NA — Toggles the blood on. Usage: 1. settime day 2. settime night 3. settime