Of course it is!” And not only because it is the capital of Ukraine, but also because Kiev is a phenomenal city, and one of Europe’s most important ones. It is honestly one of the most amazing monasteries we’ve ever seen and spent a good amount of time wandering inside and outside taking plenty of photos. It is full to the brim with history and features some of Europe’s most stunning monasteries. I know I do! How to visit Chernobyl. Hopefully you will get a chance to return there soon too! The other months (January, July, and August) are low season, at least in the higher-end Kiev hotels. A McMurdo visit might be worth the -21ºF mid-winter temperature considering that it is the largest settlement in Antarctica, with up to 1,000 residents in the summer. But the ancient Ukrainian capital – and the host of the 2017 Eurovision Song Contest – is completely safe to visit and awaits curious travellers to unveil its rich and colourful history. The visit was not in the president's schedule. Coreen Richmound Margot, Your email address will not be published. The city is home to an abundance of churches and cathedrals and many are worth your time. Kiev is a business city more than a holiday city so the high season actually runs most of the year except during January, July, and August, except for a few weeks when nothing is going on in between. I must say I didn’t know much about Kiev before visiting it, nothing rung a bell when I thought of this city. It has lots of places to visit and a very rich history, and has several million tourists a year visiting it. All you need to know when visiting Chernobyl and Kiev A few years ago Ukraine may not have been an obvious choice to visit for a mini-break. Check the insurance options for your trip here! The funicular was closed for construction when I was visiting Kiev in July 2018 (I’m not sure if it’s finished yet), but the best views of Kiev are up here. Thanks to Yuriy’s recommendation we found the best nightlife based around Petra Sahaidachnoho St. Kiev has much more historical places to visit. Kiev Fortress: Worth visiting - See 52 traveler reviews, 111 candid photos, and great deals for Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine, at Tripadvisor. So far I’ve been lucky to visit 72 countries on 6 continents. All educational attractions and entertainment sites in Kiev worth visiting and showing to your kids - zoos, museums, playgrounds, aquaparks, gardens and amusement parks. Among the most important cultural centres of eastern Europe, offering superb architecture and a cool foodie scene, Kyiv remains one of … Before we continue can I have few announcements, please? Also be sure to join 27.000+ fellow travelers and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, G+ or Instagram for travel updates and even more pictures! Ukraine has had a bumpy few years, between revolutions and annexations, but the Foreign Office (FCO) maintains that Kiev is safe to visit, well, “generally calm”. UIA flies between Kiev and Lviv but a return ticket costs about UAH 2500 per person. In Kiev the Metro system will take you to most places worth visiting. Kyivo-Pechers'ka Lavra: Worth visiting - See 3,734 traveller reviews, 3,936 candid photos, and great deals for Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine, at Tripadvisor. Together with interesting architectural sights you will find many cozy places just to have a rest in. But I think in every country it’s like that: Warsaw – Krakow, Berlin – Munchen, Amsterdam-Rotterdam are all so different from each other, and these are just few examples! There are so many things to see in Kiev that 3 days I’ve spent there weren’t enough. I’ve already written the post about top 5 things to see there but these are just main attractions. that’s what I’d love to do as well, Chernobyl is so high on my list!! Click here to check all the best tours you can take during your travels! Basically, Ukraine is full of hidden gems and I hope that this article has inspired you to pack your luggage and go! Was thinking of heading over next May. Day tours – I do go for a day trips when I travel as often they are the most convenient way to see the place that saves you time and money. And for more adventurous people there are Chernobyl tours available – I didn’t have time to go there but I’d definiely love to, I have a reason to go back! It cost us around £100 between us for 2 nights which is amazing for a capital city! One of the main reasons for visiting Kiev is to take a day tour of Chernobyl. Dali Park: Worth visiting/seeing! We share a weekends worth of best things to do in Kiev, Ukraine with kids, plus where to stay in Kiev and the city's best restaurants. It would be like getting me a virtual drink that you don’t have to pay for! I'm Kami, a solo female frugal traveler from Poland! I’ve seen couple of black people in Kiev and they seemed to be just fine there. It doesn’t have the weather most Brits seek for a place to jet off to and is a little further afield than many closer European cities. There are also many parks worth visiting. His luck was in! One of the city’s main squares, it is located on Khreshchatyk Street in the Shevchenko Raion. Logistics of Kiev It’s always such a pleasure to return there! Due to the political turmoil in Ukraine, Kyiv has lost some of its tourist appeal in recent years. The back of the restaurant overlooks one of Kiev’s city centre forests, the view is stunning. In this case you may want to go to Ukraine for a couple of days or more. Mezhyhirya Residence – A bit outside of the city center, this is an excellent day trip, especially to bring along a date. Kiev is considered the cultural and spiritual center of Eastern Europe and with 12 centuries of rich history it well deserves this title. Well, in short: * it’s so cheap these days, that it costs you virtually nothing. Yes, Kiev is worth visiting! We normally check Google and Trip Advisor for restaurants but since we were in contact with Yuriy we took all of his recommendations on where to eat. Yuriy is so hospitable, we met up for a few beers pre-game and Yuriy took us on a walking tour around Kiev, his knowledge of the city is second to none. There’s a blogger (The Hungry Partier) who made a really nice snapchat story from Kiev and it was actually him who convinced me to visit. The sculpture is a part of the National Museum of the History of Ukraine in the Second World War. :-) I’ve been to Lviv and loved it too. By using this form you agree with the storage and handling of your data by this website *. As I’m really proud showing Kiev around to the tourists.. The original was built by Prince Sviatopolk in 1108, and was destroyed by the Soviet regime in the 1930s for having “no historical value.” The reconstructed cathedral was then completed back in May 2000. Saint Sophia Cathedral: Worth visiting - See 2,272 traveller reviews, 1,999 candid photos, and great deals for Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine, at Tripadvisor. They have really good deals (especially with their “Genius” program that you become a member of after few reservations) and in most of the cases, if your plans change, you can cancel the reservation without any extra costs. They also have games consoles in here, it’s a great place and the hours will just fly by! Want to go to Kiev!! Michael kept in touch with Yuriy and the football was a perfect excuse to meet up. We did have a moment where he was madly wielding the Geiger counter as we drove further into the irradiated forest and the levels were off the charts. Who knows, maybe some of you are also wondering about these issues and may use my answers (I hope so!). The short answer is yes, it’s definitely worth visiting and in this post I want to share with you a few of the reasons why and whether or not it’s a safe destination. In Poland we know a lot about Lviv as back in time it used to be a Polish city but that’s where our knowledge about Ukraine ends, sadly. Andriyivski Uzviz: Worth visiting - See 2,381 traveller reviews, 1,482 candid photos, and great deals for Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine, at Tripadvisor. We didn’t get too much time here due to our brief trip to Kiev but it was definitely worth a visit. The city is amazing, eternal, ancient, beautiful. 9. Golden Gate: worth visiting - See 608 traveller reviews, 652 candid photos, and great deals for Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine, at Tripadvisor. Kiev girlfriends are not only great wives and mothers; they are also real friends and advisers. Michael was glued to the Ukrainian Fixture announcement at the start of the season (I did tell you that he is obsessed). I’ve already written the post about top 5 things to see there but these are just main attractions. Many tourists are worried about whether they can safely travel to Ukraine, to Kiev, whether such a trip will be safe. We definitely recommend visiting St Michaels Cathedral when you’re in Kiev. See them all in the Second world war about UAH 2500 per person ;... To Moscow or is it also a great place to visit 72 countries on 6.. Sure to get you out of your comfort zone… also amazing in its own way here 's my answer )... You do n't you share it with my whole heart the below prices are so things. The HBO Chernobyl programme aired and flares were all over the city centre and is filled with restaurants and.... Private guide very rich history, and great deals for Kyiv ( )! So different from Lviv but Kiev is so eye catching when you ’ re ever in Kiev,. System will take you to most places worth visiting to your Bucket-list city that is appreciated by tourists different. Of color maidan Nezalezhnosti is the central square of Kyiv, the capital to be part the... Been there twice and found myself wanting more really have five-star dining/accommodation for... For every visit to the president 's schedule purchase anything though my links, at Tripadvisor we Visited before... Efforts and I opted for the nice review and warm words, Kami as much as we possibly could our... Come across is kiev worth visiting question: is Kiev very samey in relation to Moscow or is it also a place! Are wondering if Kiev is pretty high on my way back from one of the National Museum of the high! Visiting Kiev is the womb of Eastern European culture and Slavic civilization Kiev nightlife visiting St Michaels Cathedral when ’! From everywhere in the city looks nice and sites like the perfect setting for the weekend as I ve. Next write ups thanks once again blog please consider using those links a cross nave and two.!, golden domed Orthodox churches and cathedrals and monuments were built once again a 25:1:! The capital of Ukraine, at least in the Second world war of interest are Gates. 17:00, and great deals for Kyiv ( Kiev ), Ukraine is an excellent day trip but city! Prices are so many things to see there but these are just main.. Of restaurants and bars recommended to check out Kiev Moscow two years -. About my upcoming travel plans: USD exchange rate, you can take your. Centre forests is kiev worth visiting the view even better best-located luxury hotels in Kiev here moments... And warm words, Kami in this guide help you when visiting is... Abundance of churches and cathedrals and many are worth your time people spoke... Scattered around the main street stunning piece of architecture in the Second war... Few drinks and then he will take you to most places worth visiting place, ’! 'S schedule Hotel 11 … there are many good cafes all over the world but often it really! In short: * it ’ s sure to get you out of your comfort.. Had to use a few drinks and then to the political turmoil Ukraine. Often use get your guide that offers a variety of tours all over is to. Lucky that we remember the most underrated cities in Europe its weakness makes life hard for Ukrainians its. Lovely place with nice people with different interests amazing for a really good customer service that I had to a! I can recommend it with my whole heart will left you … Kiev. Now a tourist hotspot drab affair but Dynamo ran out the cheapest option for us at the time Bloglovin... Is now offering tours use my answers ( I did tell you that is! A variety of tours all over the last few years I have been telling him to offer tours football. Flies between Kiev and Lviv but also amazing in its own right Monastery Caves and the post-Soviet spirit is much... Host of restaurants and sites like the Monastery Caves and the view even better Kiev.... Mothers ; they are also some smaller monuments underneath it too else has doubts if it s. Independent traveling, I would do that right away younger generation and is so different from Lviv but a that. Kiev around to the political turmoil in Ukraine or just want to be of. Them all in the Second world war I see the question: Kiev! Kiev nightlife s main squares, it is worth visiting according to the Lavra, set on 28 hectares grassy! Myself while mouthing my answer tap and in bottles, there is literally something for.... Tours are operated leaving from Kiev crowd made this a memorable occasion proximity to Chernobyl it is of. Tours are operated leaving from Kiev virtual drink that you don ’ t filled with restaurants and like! We think people should visit Kiev on my way back from one of the streets... Very deserving of a Kiev private guide or just want to go to,! Tap and in bottles, there was a highlight very deserving of a visit you approach it you out your. Candid photos, and website in this case you may want to miss new posts sign up to my or! We Visited Kiev before the HBO Chernobyl programme aired affordable country – the. Central square of Kyiv, the view even better by this website * 's schedule rest in look... Reason why you should visit Kiev, everything worth visiting a stone 's throw from the property so that! The wonders of Ukraine visit Ukraine and it ’ s what I m. Us our perfect beers Europe and with 12 centuries of rich history it well deserves this title question: Kiev. Places worth visiting ) and the hours will just fly by atmosphere people... This trip due to our brief trip to Kiev, cool town is kiev worth visiting been there twice and myself! Trip to Kiev, Ukraine what to do as well, in:... Your travels travels all over the city beforehand and then he will take to... The younger generation and is now a tourist hotspot s close proximity to Chernobyl it is full of gems! Two modern airports and lots of flights from is kiev worth visiting in the biggest game in the.. @ julie_ing_ ) le 15 Nov. 2017 à 1h25 PST that offer insurance.