The price of concrete roof tiles and the price of clay roof tiles all vary depending on colour, profile, size and occasionally popularity too. Homebuilding & Renovating Newsletter . A new roof is a great investment that always pays off! Calculate how many wall or floor tiles you will need to cover your surface area. The tile width is 329mm, so they cost around $110 per square metre. Leak repair costs. Roof Cost Calculator | Get A New Roof Estimate Average Roof Costs For: Asphalt Shingles Roof Metal Roof Flat Roof (Rubber) Cedar Shakes / Shingles Clay or Concrete Tile Natural Slate -- Gutters -- Seamless Aluminum Gutters Copper Gutters Vinyl Gutter Other project We understand it's important to get your tiling project right, and that starts with calculating the area you want to tile. Replacing entire roof on an average three-bedroom house. A 12 in 12 pitch is a steep, 45-degree angle roof. Homeowners can easily adjust input parameters and calculate total roof installation expenses bases on project size and work complexity. Due to its Aluzinc steel construction, this tile is wonderfully lightweight at only 7kg per square meter. Just add your building dimensions and receive an instant quote. A little smaller than yours at around 15 feet by 9 feet. Prices for UK are in GBP, and in Euros for Ireland and other Western European countries. Roofing Slate Calculator. The difference in price reflects the durability. Roofing Superstore is proud to offer a wide range of roof tiles and reclaimed roof tiles, to create a long lasting, weatherproof and attractive finish to your latest pitched roofing project.From popular brands such as Marley, Redland, Sandtoft, and Britmet, we’re confident that you’ll find everything you need to create the perfect tiled roof in our selection of high and low pitched roof tiles. A shocking cost for a roof but you are happy with this so that is the main thing. Job. How to Use Our Roof Tile Calculators. Patch repairs are often possible if the flat roof is damaged due to an impact, perhaps a slipped slate, tile or tree branch etc. 2-bedroom bungalow, roof had to be replaced because it was asbestos tiles. Radiator BTU calculator This heat output or 'BTU' (British thermal unit) calculator will … Size. That said, depending on the quality of slate roof tiles you get and the contractor you choose to hire, your cost for a quality slate roof in the DC area, could range anywhere from $15.00 to $30.00. Our roof was completely replaced in 2006 for approx £3,500 (from memory). On average, you can expect your tiled conservatory roof to cost from around £4,000 for a smaller conservatory (anything below 4000mm x 4000mm), and up to £6,000 for a larger conservator (over 4000mm x 4000mm).. Of course, these cost estimates for a conservatory roof replacement with tiles will vary depending on where you live. It is available in a choice of six colours and is coated in rustic granules to provide a characteristic finish. Use our free build cost calculator. Input the area size, and the size of tiles you would like. A factor which can vastly change the price of a new roof, or improvements to an existing roof, is the number of tiles used. Welcome to our handy tile calculator which will help you calculate the number of tiles you need for your project and the size of the area you need to tile. Typical cost. Gable & Hip Roofs will have the same area provided that the pitch remains the same. There could well be two lead valleys if the property has a gable end, but lead price does not increase because other flashings required on a terraced house are not needed on a semi. Get the latest news, expert advice and product inspiration straight to your … Material of Roof. This online truss calculator will determine the all-in cost of your truss based on key inputs related to the pitch, width and overhang of your roof. Please use our online roof tile calculator to calculate an estimate of how many interlocking roof tiles you need for the whole of a gable to gable roof. The best part of a roofing calculator is that it offers a free insight into the total cost of the replacement roof project on a sq ft basis. The quality and grade of slate tiles and their costs can vary greatly, as well as the quality of installation. This is because a steep-sloped roof requires a taller chimney and more lumber for framing. Of course, where you live in the country will also have a bearing on material and labour costs. Calculate the number of tiles you’ll need for your project. In fact, tile roofing costs can vary from as low as $400 to as much as $1,100 or more per square, depending on factors such as roof pitch, custom tiles and size. It will use the current cost of wooden rafters based on the average price found at home improvement stores. £4,500 - £7,000. This price is for good quality concrete tiles that come with a 50-year warranty. The calculator makes four calculations to calculate the amount needed: Interlocking roof tile calculator. If you’re thinking about replacing your roof with a new one, you will need a roof truss calculator. Accuracy is key, as the cost can quickly add up if this is planned incorrectly. This will provide an area calculation for clay or concrete roof tile, natural or composite slate, underfelt or breathable felt and ridge length. Our roof tile calculators will also work out how many ridge, hip, verge and valley tiles and flashings you’ll require. Tile Installation Options. Either enter a positive value to if there is a gap between the tiles being used, or a negative value if the tiles overlap. Cement tiles are cheaper, costing around 70p compared to a clay tile which costs around £1.20. As an example, replacing the felt roof on a medium-sized shed would cost approximately £600, whereas replacing the slate tiles on an average UK family house would cost around £1,000. New tiled roof. According to ThisIsMoney, a well-constructed roof has a 63% ROI. The cost of a roof depends heavily on the cost of roof tiles that are chosen. Company Registration Number: 7685988 | VAT No: GB115885496 The work also included some extra roof joists because modern concrete tiles are heavier, also a liner. Roof Trusses: What Options are Available? Slate is also an extremely elegant option. Plain clay tiles would cost roughly the same as slate but if you swapped to concrete interlocking, the tiling costs would almost half; Our sponsors. It’s impossible to predict the cost of a patch repair without first inspecting the roof. Tile Roofing Cost Factors You just need to know the size and angle of your roof deck. With an online calculator, you can see the various options for your roof and how they impact the final labor cost. A roof’s pitch is determined by how much it rises for every foot it runs. How to calculate roofing costs: When installing new roofing, there are many factors to consider when estimating price. This means that a tile roof can cost as little as $10,000 or as much as $60,000 depending on several factors. Tile size can range anywhere from smaller mosaics that are 3/8", to 24" × 48" slab tiles and everything in between. This tool helps homeowners calculate the approximate price to install a new Clay or Concrete Tile, or a single ply membrane on your residence in Great Britain, Ireland and Western Europe. However, if the roof has a leak due to its age then patch repairs are often a waste of money, you could also make the leak worse by walking on it. Tile is usually made of concrete, clay, or other ceramic materials and usually costs $500-$800 per square. Slate stone roofing is the longest lasting material available and can last over 100 years with a proper installation. Use our table of contents below to jump to the brand and material of the roof tile you’re looking to purchase to find out the roof tiles price. Russell Roof Tiles is the trading name of Russell Building Products Limited. Thus, a moderate 6 in 12 roof pitch means the roof rises 6 inches for every 12 horizontal inches it runs.