Check if the destination URLs are correct, and landing pages are working fine. On the other hand, if clicks are down, there could be issues with your ad text or keywords, or it may be a seasonal lull, which would be a great opportunity to experiment with more out-of-the-box PPC ads. This shows how much the target customer is taking an interest in the product and what can be done to improve the quality of the ad. Here is an example with which you’ll be able to understand the lifetime value of the customer. The exact calculation of how Google determines ad position is complicated, but having a higher quality score means that, in some cases, you can jump a competitor's ad even if that competitor has a higher bid. Kevin Fowler writes about anything and everything that interests him, which doesn't narrow things down much. Not all metrics are created equal. For this reason, keeping tabs on and analysing Good PPC metrics are traffic-focused. That’s why clicks are an early indicator of PPC campaign success.This KPI measures how many people clicked on your ad.Campaign managers often check in on accounts throughout the month to pause ads that are not performing and even increase the bids on ads that are.Clicks are a great KPI for that mid-month account performance checkup; however, the success of a campaign shouldn’t b… Admittedly, the data will help you create a clear strategy for your business. The quality score can be measured from the scale 0-10, where five is believed to be a golden mean, between 7 – 10  depicts that your ad is doing great. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But if it is below 5, this means that you need to improve the quality of your ad copy and the landing page. The other version refers to overall CPA, which is basically how much money you spent to get one sale. They let you track the performance of your paid ads and improve them on the run. For easy reading, we've separated them into keyword and ad-specific PPC metrics, which are a little more basic, and results-based PPC metrics, which are a little more advanced. They generally are the simplest and commonly used metric to identify performing vs. non-performing ads. While some metrics are important indicators of the effectiveness of your digital strategy as a whole and can provide context for your PPC efforts, they are less important to gauging the success of your PPC campaign. This is the most important metric because it tells you whether or not you’re breaking even on your investment, as well as what kind of return you can expect if you scale up or down your PPC efforts. When you secure a lead, you have an option to up-sell of down-sell something to them. Now, you are unsure of which of these metrics can help you to reach your goal. Here is the simple formula … The AdWords Grader is an award-winning free tool that seamlessly and securely connects with your Google AdWords account to perform an automated PPC audit. In order to know whether your PPC campaign is doing its job, conversions should be your number one metric with everything else secondary. Let’s say that you spent $80 on clicks and got two sales—your resulting Cost per Conversion would be $40. Although this isn’t technically correct, since true ROI would take into account all of the expenses that you have regarding your PPC (the cost of clicks, fees for management by a third party or agency, fees for the design of display ads, etc. The fundamental factors that Google uses to drive the Quality Score of your ad: This is the measure of approximate impressions that your ad is getting. It then delivers (in about two minutes) a complete performance report, kind of like a report card on your PPC. Optix is a vital tool for marketers that are now relying heavily on paid advertisement. The tools have been developed to make your journey, as a digital marketer, easier. Is your ad showing up on the desired keywords? Some are more desirable than others. The first metric that cannot be missed is the Return on Investment (ROI). The list simply goes on. When you feel that there is a decrease in conversion rate, you can analyze the following: With this metric, you can easily decide which of the products or services are being popular among customers and which product needs to be abandoned or if the ad needs some improvement so that it can attract customers. With so much data, it will be easy to create ad campaigns that can generate sales. This is one of the most vital PPC metrics that will help you analyze how your ad is performing in the competitive market. We offer professional SEO services that help websites increase their organic search score drastically in order to compete for the highest rankings even when it comes to highly competitive keywords. ... you need to keep track of your deals and sales and track … In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his Welsh Corgi and playing strategy games. Also remember that your CPCs are based on the competitiveness of the keywords that you’re using. This simple calculation will help you to determine the performance of your campaign. The metric is necessary because it puts all the essential resources in the right direction. There is no one benchmark for conversions, but the conversion rates are the main concern for any advertisers. Now I am going to describe the 5 most important PPC metrics you should be tracking. To ensure a successful PPC ads campaign, other metrics need to be tracked. For this to work, it is important that landing pages are optimized properly. If you are a startup, you might be operating with a limited budget, so if you don’t monitor these metrics, it will be impossible to improve or generate sales with a limited budget. Click-Through-Rate (CTR) is the percentage of clicks that your ad gets on impressions shown. In that case, it may be acceptable to have a Cost per Conversion that’s higher than what you’ll make on each individual transaction, because you're nabbing yourself a lifetime customer in the process. Tracking your SEO metrics has more so become an easy task thanks to tools such as SEO tracker software at Serpbook. But not all metrics are equal. This is one of the most vital PPC metrics that will help you analyze how your ad is performing in the competitive market.