Take a pleasant stroll through the gardens of Dallas’s five-star Joule Hotel, and you will quickly perambulate upon a very odd sight: a 30-foot-tall eyeball that is just sort of hanging out. 30-foot-tall 'Eye' sculpture in Dallas, Texas. Giant Eyeball travelers' reviews, business hours, introduction, open hours. In all seriousness, my friend and I couldn't get very close to it, but even at a distance of several yards, you can see that's it's painted very accurately. Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge (Trinity River ) – Dallas, Texas December 17, 2019 Reunion Tower – Dallas December 16, 2019 Dallas Giant Eyeball December 10, 2019 Headington Companies, Timothy Headington's Dallas-based business that owns Joule, has acquired "Eye", a 30-foot-tall sculpture by contemporary artist Tony Tasset. Giant Eyeball: 2020 Top Things to Do in Dallas. Except that it's GIANT. Cool, unusual observation attraction in the heart of downtown Dallas' Chief of Police Renee Hall said during a news conference on Saturday afternoon that while what happened in Minneapolis was "unacceptable," so too is "rogue vandalism… It's identical to a blue eye. GIANT. Check out updated best hotels & restaurants near Giant Eyeball. Carol M. Highsmith (Library of Congress/LC-DIG-highsm-28401) (Public Domain) The piece was created in 2007 for a temporary exhibit in Chicago. It's actually really well done. Cool, unusual observation attraction in the heart of downtown Dallas Police Chief Renee Hall instituted a curfew for the city of Dallas starting Sunday night at 7 p.m. after a second night of vandalism and protests in the city. Turn right at the giant eyeball (a 30-foot-tall art installation by Tony Tasset) for Dallas’s sexiest hotel: The Joule, located inside a 1920s neo-Gothic tower. Not a merely large eyeball, or even a huge eyeball. Dallas is now under the unblinking gaze of a work of mind-bending horror. It's a Giant Eyeball. Dallas Police Chief Reneé Hall told WFAA-TV on Friday that she attempted to communicate with the crowd, but eventually she was dodging a brick. It's a Giant Eyeball.