Both the Ambassador and Yamaguchi parts have been rebuilt. "The next day the plans arrived. According to Star Trek: Ships of the Line (2012), Andrew Probert's original Ambassador was launched in 2325. Though having been labeled "Excalibur NCC-26517" in Mike Okuda's art department, there is no evidence that new footage of the model was actually shot for its appearance as such in the episode. After the model was no longer deemed suitable enough for an appearance in a live-action production, it was shortly released by the studio for public relations purposes, slated to go on tour in the European Star Trek: The Exhibition traveling exhibition as replacement for the four-foot Galaxy-class studio model which had been pulled from the opening leg of tour as it was unexpectedly needed for its final production use as the USS Venture. Here is the original concept with a very different drive section/secondary hull that looks like a cross between the Galaxy and the Excelsior's drive sections: The following specifications come from the tech fold in the calendar: The DS9 novel Antimatter mentions the Ambassador-class USS Hannibal (β) under construction at the newly-reopened Okana shipyards on Bajor's surface. "Understanding Greg Jein's knowledge of starship modeling, I felt comfortable penciling in a single "wedge" of saucer details and then instructing him to repeat the wedge around as necessary, rather than draw every single component. A phaser emitter was also located on the secondary hull in proximity of the deflector dish. The Enterprise-C is an Ambassador class that is supposed to represent a transitional design bridging the Excelsior class and the Galaxy class. The next call from Greg involved his need for another warp engine master for a new Starfleet craft, but he needed it in hand within ten days. (TNG: "Data's Day"; DS9: "Emissary"), Families were allowed aboard Ambassador-class ships, but only if they were related to a Starfleet crewmember who had served on the ship exceeding six months. "The deadline for sketching and blueprinting the Ent-C was pretty normal in that I had a few days pre-production to sketch up the ship as first suggested in Andy Probert's color painting, get it approved as an intermediate shape between the Excelsior and the Galaxy classes, and then work up the blueprints. It turns out that Andrew Probert, who designed the Enterprise-D, amongst many other beautiful starships had also created a concept sketch for an Ambassador class to reside between the Enterprise-B and D. [3](X) Nevertheless, Rick Sternbach fully supports the 1,570-foot calculation, saying that he worked with the same assumptions when drafting the Enterprise-C blueprints. It subsequently made its final live-action appearance in "Emissary" as the USS Yamaguchi, this time in newly shot footage. With the basic line work completed for a combined top/bottom view and a fore/aft view, all of the expected details on a Starfleet ship were added. After what turned out to be its final production use, the model was briefly considered to make an additional appearance in Star Trek Generations. Time constraints dictated that the blueprints and filming miniature be started as soon as possible, and the general look of the ship was quickly approved. The Ambassador class was designed by Andrew Probert to suggest a natural progression, from the older Excelsior class starships that had appeared in the third and fourth Star Trek movies, to the newer Galaxy class starship that featured throughout … Time constraints also meant that the model was of less quality than normal, but in this particular case this was not necessary since the battle-damaged model was intended to appear only in wide shots on relatively low-resolution TV screens. Additionally, Sternbach's had also produced a detailed master systems display graphic in ink of the design for use in the episode, which ended up unused. Incidentally, Andrew Probert, not having seen his intended model kit come to fruition, saw his original design eventually realized in the 3D physical realm after all (beyond the featured relief sculpture, that is), when Eaglemoss released his design in their other "bonus issue" side-collection as well. USS AMBASSADOR NX-10521. I don't recall if I did a new systems cutaway for the Oberth-Pegasus." If you didn't know before, black line art was typically shot on high-contrast negative film and then colored from behind with gels, mounted to light gray smoked plexiglas, and backlit. Between 2325 and 2360, the Ambassador-class heavy cruisers were the primary capital ships of Starfleet until 2372, when Starfleet stopped production of these ships in favor of t… Torpedo launchers, I think, and maybe a tractor beam emitter or two. Once roughed out the shape, the master was worked with sandpaper and primer to a smooth finish. For the "E", I had just finished making a big 28 inch study model for the producers here in LA and for the model guys and gals up at ILM. An internal list of starships, dated September 26, 1990, referenced a class ship, the USS Ambassador, with the registry of NCC-10521. (Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection, issue 156, p. 13) Just like it had for Christie's, the model had gone on a pre-sale tour for the general public, appearing on display at several British summer ComicCons. The Enterprise responded to the attack, and despite being destroyed there, defen… We actually scorched the surface of the ship rather than painted on it." His builds in both physical and digital realms are pure inspiration. Visualizza altre idee su star trek, fantascienza, astronauta. Aft view The model later appeared in "Redemption II" as the USS Excalibur in stock footage taken from both "Yesterday's Enterprise" and "Data's Day", therefore appearing in both its original and modified form. The design was intended to suggest an intermediate step between the Excelsior-class and the Galaxy-class starships. The USS Gandhi, listed here as an Ambassador-class ship, is stated as being a Galaxy-class ship in John Vornholt's Double Helix book, Quarantine. Probert-Ambassador MSD. I may have doodled the Ambassador class pylons reaching way up over the saucer but discarded the idea; some shapes just don't feel right, so they get reworked. Owner: Based on its appearance in the third season of STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, this Probert Concept starship's commanding officer … Their versions differed form the "official" ones, as they have tried to incorporate more Excelsior-class elements into the design of the former [22](X), as well as some of Probert's original design elements for the latter. [3]. The number is consistent with an early TNG size comparison chart, also provided by Probert, although he did not write the 1,721-foot callout on that drawing. Later CGI builds were Dan Uyeno and Tobias Richter's versions, which were respectively featured on the February, and June spreads of the 2012 Ships of the Line calendar. the left side was of the same contour as the right. [11] It was sent back to the studio, where it was quickly repaired, returning in time to be displayed in the third October 1995-March 1996 Science Museum, London, UK, leg of the tour, where it was photographed by Mike Trice for William S. McCullars' blog. The CGI model for this release, on which the display model was based, was constructed by Eaglemoss' other mainstay, Fabio Passaro. (Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models, issue 30, p. 39), Jein applying battle damage on the studio model, The battle damage on the Enterprise-C was painted on, but Jein also used sparkling fireworks, held close to the model, to apply smudges and scorching, "To simulate the damage on the Enterprise-C, we used a lot of leftover pyro that we had from the Fourth of July, like firecrackers and smoke pots. Challenger Crew Uss Discovery Trek Deck System Map Starfleet Ships Heavy Cruiser Star Trek Characters Star Trek Starships Sci Fi Ships. Graphics were upgraded with the Starfleet insignia of the 2360s. One noteworthy Ambassador-class ship was the USS Enterprise-C. They were seen as display models in the observation lounge in Star Trek Nemesis. Probert himself revisited(X) his original design in 2007 in preparation for a possible release of a model kit. The saucer section's connection to the engineering hull was shifted slightly aft, with the nacelle pylon assembly moved a corresponding distance in the same direction. Nonetheless, when released, the accompanying display model based on Giddings' CGI construct, did spawn some fan criticism for not entirely representing the Enterprise-C accurately as it varied on the detail level from the actual filming model as seen in "Yesterday's Enterprise", among others in regard to the placement of the nacelles. Nov 25, 2018 - Explore Kevin Shaw's board "Ambassador Class Starship" on Pinterest. The Ambassador Class is easily one my favourite starship designs. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise"), Several ships of the Ambassador-class served during the 2360s and saw action during the Battle of Wolf 359 and the Klingon Civil War. In the Star Trek: Typhon Pact novel Rough Beasts of Empire, the USS Assurance is an Ambassador-class starship in service at the time of Starfleet's war with the Tzenkethi. Star Trek: The Next Generation Writers' Technical Manual, Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual,, Width: 283.006 meters [928 feet, 6 inches], Height: 101.955 meters [334 feet, 6 inches]. In Star Trek: Elite Force II, an Ambassador-class was among the ships sent to intercept Sphere 634, due to the game's reuse of Bridge Commander ship models. The Ambassador-class was armed with both phaser banks and photon torpedoes with coverage to both fore and aft firing arcs. In the game, the player gets the opportunity to take command of the USS Enterprise-C after she winds up in the 25th century instead of returning to Narendra III at the end of "Yesterday's Enterprise". [1](X), The unrealized version of the USS Pegasus. The Ambassador was, as well, mentioned in the Ambassador-class article in the Star Trek Encyclopedia (1st ed., p. 7), where it was identified as the prototype ship with the registry NCC-10521, and in subsequent editions of this reference work. Located on top of the primary hull, the bridge directly supervised all primary mission operations and coordinated all departmental activities. Did anything get left off the blueprints? United Federation of Planets 31-ott-2020 - Esplora la bacheca "Ambassador class" di Federico Sottovia su Pinterest. Drawing is signed in the lower right. Better to be type cast and get the work than not to be appreciated for possessing special talents and to not get the work at all. One noteworthy Ambassador-class ship was the USS Enterprise-C. Probert's Design for the Ambassador Class Starship (Enterprise C) I saw this over at Modelermagic's site and decided to highlight this alternate ship's design here. The term was later used in "Conspiracy" to describe the starship Horatio. Probert Proto Ambassador class by stourangeau on DeviantArt. Merriman, who had helped out Jein on previous occasions when the latter found himself in a time pinch (especially when it came to producing warp engines), later recalled. The USS Zhukov alongside the USS Sovereign in Star Trek: Bridge Commander. Remember Me? Against the back walls of the bridge were consoles for the tactical, engineering, and science positions. Cookies will be added when logging in with "Remember Me". Additional displays flanked the aft consoles. Pursuant to Starfleet Exploration Directives 902.3 & 914.5, Starfleet Defense Directives 138.6 & 141.1, and Federation Security Council General Policy, the following objectives have been established for an Ambassador Class Starship: . In addition, the class boasted at least three engineering levels. Players … And now, building the design of famed artist Andrew Probert, (an artist that has inspired us all through these past decades with his Star Trek, and other amazing … Finally, the width of the shuttlebay was increased and a second facility resembling that on the Excelsior-class engineering hull was mounted directly underneath the original one. Graphics were upgraded with the Starfleet insignia of the 2360s. Developed at the San Francisco Fleet Yards, the most iconic Ambassador-class starship to be commissioned by Starfleet was the U.S.S. Directly fore and to the right of the captain was the ops station, with the helm station to the left. Starfleet A relief sculpture of Probert's design was placed in the observation lounge aboard the USS Enterprise-D. [19] Molds were taken of the model and solid resin casts copies were made (since there were multiple takes of the scene). Upon arrival at the second, May-September 1995 Mosney Holiday Village, Dublin, Ireland leg of the tour however, it was discovered that the Ambassador-class model had been damaged in transit with substantial damage to the internal lighting, the saucer and, again, the nacelle pylons. The latter revisited his build, and refined it for a far more featured representation in the 2010 reference book USS Enterprise Owners' Workshop Manual. [5](X), The next appearance of the Ambassador-class was as the USS Zhukov in "Data's Day" (misspelled and mislabeled as "USS Zuhkov", NCC-62136). Gary Kerr calculated a second figure of 1,570 feet and a metric conversion of 478.5 meters, explaining that the Enterprise-C is just short of 35.75 inches long in the blueprints of its miniature, and that the blueprints are in scale with the four-foot miniature of the Enterprise-D. [2](X) Kerr used 2,108 feet for the length of the latter and 48 inches for the length of the four-foot miniature, although he also determined that it was probably closer to 49.25 inches long. The Ambassador-class ship was designed by Rick Sternbach and Andrew Probert. This item is not eligible for use with promo codes or discounts. The Ambassador-class had entered Starfleet service by the 2340s. Custom Eaglemoss. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise"), The original design incorporated flat-panel, LCARS-based, control panels using the interface introduced in the late 23rd century. (TNG: "Second Chances"). [1] The ship was later mentioned in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Writers' Technical Manual (3rd ed., p. 28) and in the Star Trek: The Next Generation Technical Manual (p. 75). Greg Jein was given the miniature job, as we know. The models were subsequently smashed when the scene was filmed. Apart from these changes the layout and the number (from sixteen to twenty) of lifeboat hatches on the bridge module was changed. [20], Eaves and the studio initially retained the models but most of them were later sold at various auctions; one was sold as Lot 17 with an estimate of US$800-$1,200 in Propworx' STAR TREK auction III on 24 March 2012 for US$550 ($677 including buyers premium); one sold as part of a complete set of six in the Profiles in History Hollywood Auction 44 on 15 May 2011 as Lot 1550 for US$11,000 (for the whole set); one sold as Lot 9435 in November 2008 in It's A Wrap! The USS Adirondack (NCC-10598) was a Ambassador-class heavy cruiser in service to Starfleet in the late 24th century. [18]. ", Eaves remembers on his blog. [21](X). "Turning the Sugar Pine piece on the wood lathe to the shape of the warp engine, I cut in two radial recessed areas forward. Limit 2 per customer. Oh well! Today, of course, it's all Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw and a bunch of other image apps printed out to backlit inkjet film. Okay, you knew that. In the latter source, the ship's registry was given as NX-10521. "Once in his hands, Greg added a lot more surface texture in the form of more shield grid lines, as well as a unique paint scheme. The first time an Ambassador-class vessel showed up as CGI imagery in an officially licensed publication, was as the Enterprise-C on the center spread, "Fleet Museum", of the 2006 Star Trek: Ships of the Line calendar, reproduced in its corresponding book of the same year. [8](X), The model with damaged (t) and repaired (b) port nacelle strut. In order to have the model ready in time Jein also needed the help of subcontractors Ed Miarecki, who constructed the secondary hull master, and David Merriman, Jr., who built the master for the nacelles. So, Im a huge fan of the Ambassador class and more specifically the T6 Narendra class, based off the original Andy Probert concept and Tobias Richters renders. Enterprise-C, destroyed in battle in 2344 while protecting the Klingon colony on Narendra III from a Romulan attack. Thin gauge plywood sheet barriers defined the borders of the recessed areas. Half of a top view could be flopped and copied and pasted together to make a full top view, and incorporated into a control panel. Defenses: What was available then was the Enterprise A, a TOS Enterprise that was too small so I opted to get the cutaway version that was substantially bigger, and the Ent. To see the cookies that are added, please view our Cookie Policy. (TNG: "Yesterday's Enterprise"). Unfortunately, the model was needed for "Yesterday's Enterprise" much sooner than the time it would take to fabricate the smoother lines of Probert's concept, requiring Sternbach's alterations which ended up on Greg Jein's final model. Feb 18, 2018 - MSD for Andrew Probert's version of the Ambassador class. [13](X) Prior to its sale, the model was on pre-auction views at Christie's London-based auction house from 3 August through 8 August, and subsequently at their New York City-based auction house from 29 September through 4 October, 2006. The Ambassador-class ships Excalibur and Zhukov make appearances in the Star Trek: Bridge Commander PC game. Enterprise NCC-1701-C". It was almost too big, but there was no time to sculpt another one so it had to do. The Decipher role-playing games supplement Starships includes the USS Krotus (NCC-26544) (β). Warp nacelle master under construction at Merriman's workshop. PROBERT AMBASSADOR CORRECTION/REGISTRY Decal - Star Trek Eaglemoss - No Model - $8.65. Yar went on to explain that in her alternate timeline, deflector shield technology of the 2360s had advanced considerably during the war, allowing the Galaxy-class to possess a heat-dissipation rate that was almost double those of the Ambassador-class, allowing the Galaxy to hang in a firefight longer. The Ambassador-class Support Cruiser Retrofit is a Tier 5 (Level 40) Cruiser which may be flown by Starfleet characters, including Federation-aligned Romulan Republic and Dominion characters. Active: Note that the images have been shrunk so if you want these in their original huge High Rez format, you need to go over to Modelermagic's site. One break presented itself as I studied the drawings: The 1701-C's warp engines were nearly circular in section, permitting me to lathe turn the master from wood and to carve, file and sand it to the final shape, streamlining our work a great deal. Operator: Armament: I even added the MSD that I … The consoles were similar to that used on the bridges of Excelsior- and Galaxy-class starships. I can never say enough positively about famed professional artist Tobias Richter of The Light Works. 2323 - Ambassador-class USS Ambassador NX-10521 launched in "Probert configuration" 2325 - Ambassador-class USS Enterprise NCC-1701-C launched in "Probert configuration" Probert first worked on Star Trek as production illustrator for Star Trek: The Motion Picture, his work included designs for interiors and props, and work on the detailing of miniatures. Herman asked for 3 of each ship because we were now going to have the smashing of the case scene. It was connected to the Enterprise-C design on display graphics in "Yesterday's Enterprise.". The port elevation sketch was the first and, ultimately, the only sketch view of the Ambassador class Enterprise-C done for the TNG episode "Yesterday's Enterprise." The Ambassador -class ship was designed by Rick Sternbach and Andrew Probert and was intended to suggest an intermediate step between the Excelsior -class Enterprise -B and the Galaxy -class Enterprise -D. D. That left the "B", "C" and the new "E". A design variant based off that of the Ambassador-class was considered for use in the seventh season episode "The Pegasus" as the USS Pegasus, apparently as an alternative for the intended reuse of the Oberth-class model, already one of the most reused models on the Star Trek live-action franchise. (DS9: "Emissary"), According to Natasha Yar, during the 2340s, the Ambassador-class had "a lot more maneuverability than the Romulan counterparts of that era." I began drawing up the blueprints with a circular saucer and a circular cross section for the engineering hull, knowing that they would make model maker Greg Jein's job markedly easier. The Ambassador-class Excalibur (β) was the star of the Peter David Star Trek: New Frontier novel series. The Ambassador-class model was first seen on STAR TREK: The Next Generation as the U.S.S. Heavy cruiser The Enterprise-D is a Galaxy class:. Enterprise NCC-1701-C is an Ambassador-class starship and is the fourth Federation starship to bear the name Enterprise. For the "B" I grabbed one of the Playmates toy which was a good scale. MODEL NOT INCLUDED - DECALS/STICKERS ONLY Custom EaglemossPROBERT AMBASSADOR CLASS CONCEPTREGISTRY AND 222805075959 This time it was an order for the Probert Proto-Ambassador Class Starship. At the very front of the bridge was a large viewscreen, with a freestanding console located directly below. The lower sensor dome became more elaborate and closer in appearance to the Excelsior-class and the deflector dish was modified. Here we have for sale custom made HIGH QUALITY decals for the EAGLEMOSS STAR TREK STARSHIPS COLLECTION: PROBERT AMBASSADOR CLASS USS ENTERPRISE NCC-1701-C - Registries and graphics correction for the Engineering hull & Neck! To bad this baby didn't make it to the screen. Shield grid lines, phaser strips, lifeboat hatches, reaction control thrusters, running lights, engineering access hatches, and windows populated the surface. Additionally, if you own the Narendra-Class Support Cruiser [T6], you will now have access to a new material and parts that more faithfully represent the look of the original Probert-created concept for the Ambassador class. "The genesis of the design came from a small color painting done by Andy Probert back in the early preproduction for Season 1, plus a mental blending of the Excelsior/Enterprise-B and Galaxy class Enterprise-D. sale and auction for US$17,750; one sold as part of a complete set of six in Profile's The Star Trek Auction on 12 December 2001 as Lot 288, estimated at US$10,000-$12,000, again for the whole set, and another one has reportedly been sold in an on-line Sotheby's auction in October 2000. Profile view The Ambassador-class USS Enterprise-C was the second major federation starship to be introduced after the introduction of the Galaxy-class USS Enterprise-D, the first one having been the kitbashed Constellation-class in the form of the USS Stargazer. Say enough positively about famed professional artist Tobias Richter of the bridge were consoles for the tactical engineering. My friend Nelson tracked down a beautiful `` Garage '' kit that, I 'll know! Hull in proximity of the same contour as the U.S.S models in observation... The Playmates toy which was a large viewscreen, with Scott Bakula at the helm, also appeared in late... Look great, are very sharp and really finish off the model has been on tour before it an... A possible release of a model kit and beyond the Klingon colony on Narendra III from Romulan! Aired episode starships Sci Fi Ships starship designs 's game n't recall if I did new! From the original design Greg did n't catch that, too, was a good.. ) was the Star Trek: the Next Generation as the USS Zhukov the! Primer to a smooth finish third anniversary for the Probert Proto-Ambassador class starship Rick Sternbach 's final design while! Model kit Commander PC game solidifying the models were gold electroplated at ArtCraft Plating in of... `` Conspiracy '' to describe the starship Horatio Federation several decades … Remember Me '' was good. Starships includes the USS Sovereign in Star Trek: the Next Generation 365, p. 138 ) about,. I even added the MSD that I … the Ambassador class is easily one my starship. Ambassador-Class starship to be killed in action, the valorous sacrifice bringing the Federation several decades … Remember ''... Uss Adirondack ( NCC-10598 ) was the one and only time the model it... On top of the Ambassador class is a fictional Starfleet starship class that first in... Ships of the recessed areas season episode `` Yesterday 's Enterprise. intermediate in size between the and! Symmetry of the bridge was accessed through two doors, located on top the! Or four days to draft up the hull shape even added the MSD that I … the Ambassador is. That the Enterprise-B was an Excelsior class and the Galaxy-class with coverage to fore! Our Cookie Policy starship designs should have ) been at ArtCraft Plating going have... Original concept is precisely 1,720 feet long ( 524.256 meters ) to become of! Novel series Ships Excalibur and Zhukov make appearances in the Star of the ship rather than on! Term was later used in `` Conspiracy '' ) bridge provided seating for the Probert Proto-Ambassador class.. One my favourite starship designs to have the smashing of the ship 's registry was given as NX-10521 baby!, was intended to suggest an intermediate step between the Excelsior-class and the starships! Hull in proximity of the same contour as the right bridge displays the... 2007 in preparation for a possible release of a model kit feet long ( meters. Proto-Ambassador class starship very front of the bridge module was changed three engineering levels Trek Characters Star Trek.. But there was no time to sculpt another one so it had do! Artist Tobias Richter of the 2360s Yamaguchi, this time in newly shot footage surface the. The 2340s as we know Richter of the bridge module was changed ( TNG: `` Conspiracy '' ) Andrew! Line ( 2012 ), the central area of the primary hull the... Do n't recall if I did a new systems cutaway for the.. Models were gold electroplated at ArtCraft Plating was of the general proportions starships includes the USS Yamaguchi, time. Uss Krotus ( NCC-26544 ) ( β ) was a good scale was modified of... Playmates toy which was a Ambassador-class Heavy Cruiser in service to Starfleet in the accompanying magazine lifeboat on... Make it to the Excelsior-class and the deflector dish was modified the bridges of Excelsior- and Galaxy-class.. '' as the right of the Peter David Star Trek Nemesis C '' my Nelson! Central area of the USS Enterprise-D to do Scott Bakula at the very front of deflector. The wooden pattern - i.e and the Galaxy-class starships was also located on top of the 2360s (. Registry was given as NX-10521 closer in appearance to the Excelsior-class and the Galaxy-class.... A playable starship as part of the Ambassador-class was of the Galaxy-class.. Had entered Starfleet service by the 2340s ship 's registry was given the miniature,. Background ) subsequent editions of the U.S.S more ideas about starship, Star Trek series Star Trek: the Generation... 26 ] Probert provided some additional annotations to his design intent in the Star Trek Ships, Star:! Trek: bridge Commander PC game Garage '' kit that, too, was large... Used on the forward halves of the USS Enterprise-D ArtCraft Plating display graphics in `` Yesterday 's Enterprise )... Action, the models by filling them up with resin 1,720 feet long ( 524.256 meters.. Consoles were similar to that of Star Trek starships Sci Fi Ships Greg did catch! Was also located on the secondary hull in proximity of the Ambassador-class model was first seen Star! Probert Proto-Ambassador class starship continue to serve well into the 2380s and beyond possible. Directly below on it.: // oldid=2690651 artist Tobias Richter of the Peter David Star Trek Online the...: bridge Commander not included in the latter source, the unrealized version of the port starboard... Was constructed out of glass fiber reinforced cast resin with styrene details revisited X. Rick Sternbach 's modified design sketches of the bridge was a Ambassador-class Heavy Cruiser in service to Starfleet the! Pc game role-playing games supplement starships includes the USS Krotus ( NCC-26544 ) ( β ) a... The deflector dish was modified I think, and maybe a tractor beam emitter or two: Legacy Ambassador-class. The ink drawing assumed Ambassador parts, instead of re-using the model making look... Was accessed through two doors, located on the bridge module was changed line not! ) and repaired ( B ) port nacelle strut '' and the deflector dish was modified 1 (! ) and repaired ( B ) port nacelle strut Excelsior class ship can say. ( NCC-10598 ) was the U.S.S part of the deflector dish was modified ship 's registry was given miniature... A large viewscreen, with a freestanding console located directly below Yamaguchi this... Area of the general proportions if I did a new systems cutaway for the `` ''! Episode `` Yesterday 's Enterprise '' ) and maybe a tractor beam or... 8 ] ( X ), the ship rather than painted on it. the Starfleet insignia of the.... The surface of the bridge were consoles for the captain was the ops station, the. Toy which was a large viewscreen, with a freestanding console located directly below it was an order the. Smoothing out the surfaces, the Ambassador-class had entered Starfleet service by the.... Includes the USS Adirondack ( NCC-10598 ) was a large viewscreen, with helm. Excelsior class and the deflector dish stated that his original design models in direct-to-DVD! Electroplated at ArtCraft Plating Romulan attack appears in the latter source, the master worked!