PRI 1956-6 × Ed Gould Golden. Species. Formerly grown commercially in England for local markets. Reintroduced to America in 1994 after being discovered at the National Fruit Trust in Kent, England, where it had been added in 1947 from a collection in Rhone, France, after it had been acquired around 1860 from the Fruitland Nursery in, Sharp flavor. Rich sweet taste with vinous flavour. Skin is yellow with an orange blush and red streaked with russet. The current Swedish apple breeding program was established in Balsgård in the 1940s, and since then has released a number of cultivars adapted to the Scandinavian climate, both for commercial production and home gardening (Nybom, 2019). Selection of rootstock cultivars can be difficult: vigorous roots tend to give trees that are healthy but grow too tall to be harvested easily without careful pruning, while dwarfing rootstocks result in small trees that are easy to harvest from, but are often shorter-lived and sometimes less healthy. Flesh. Arthur Turner . Crisp flesh and disease resistant tree. Crunchy. Small flattened golden apple with delicious flavor, Tart yet sweet, preserves well, lop-sided shape, Red and greenish-yellow, round, sweet and tangy, preserves well, For Cider apples - "Cider Apples, The New Pomona", This page was last edited on 22 December 2020, at 12:53. Original seedling known as "Hawkeye." Crisp, sharp flavour. Does very well in salads. Greenish-yellow with flushed red-orange stripes. Noted for having unusually high vitamin C content. Flesh is medium firm, juicy with great aromatic flavour and delicate smell. Has taste with notes of honey. Copy to clipboard; Details / edit; ... en Non-exhaustive list of apple varieties classified according to their colouring, russeting and size criteria: EurLex-2. Very productive. Honeycrisp and Pink Lady continue to move up the chart, and Red Delicious is moving down. Apple is large in size, weighing 250–300 g. It is yellow, juicy, and bittersweet with a weak aroma. Apple Varieties from the Nick Botner Collection and other generous sources . Annual cropping. Antique American variety, known since Colonial times. Great for all purposes… Eating, baking, salads, sauce and pies. Makes extraordinary cider, known as the "Champagne of cider apples.". Used mostly for making apple butter. A medium-sized roundish to slightly oblong apple. Tough skin, flesh cream to greenish-white, very quickly browning. Once thought to be extinct but rediscovered in 2001 in rural North Carolina. Large apple, though shape can be irregular. Early dessert apple with pink blush. Pink Lady. Trees are. The good news is, many of the most popular apple varieties are good for practically any purpose. Pale yellow fruit. Pears Ripens in summer. Apple is egg-shaped, medium to large in size, sweet and aromatic. Amber coloration. Excellent keeper. Linguee. One of the most widely grown apple varieties in the world. click to browse If you wish to reuse any photographs, please obtain written permission by writing to us at Excellent keeper. Flesh keeps is shape, and the flavour becomes much stronger with cooking. Tender flesh is an intense nutty, honeyed flavour with, as the name suggests, tropical undertones and some balancing acidity. Extra crisp, white juicy flesh. Flavor can be variable but at its best is very well balanced. Now sold worldwide in more than 40 countries, our candy is still made with the same simple, delicious ingredients and is always made with REAL sugar … Those varieties marked .mw-parser-output span.smallcaps{font-variant:small-caps}.mw-parser-output span.smallcaps-smaller{font-size:85%}agm have gained the Royal Horticultural Society's Award of Garden Merit.[2]. The fruit has a balsamic aroma with a suggestion of vanilla. A medium-sized green-yellow elongate bell-shaped apple, sometimes takes on a reddish blush. Most modern commercial orchards use one of the "Malling series" (aka 'M' series), introduced or developed by the East Malling Research Station from the early 20th century onward. From Clivia × Golden Delicious. Does nicely in fruit salads. Greenish-yellow, dotted, often russeted. Apples, including dessert, culinary, and cider varieties. Publisher Shahrokh Khanizadeh, 260 p. Ed: S. Khanizadeh. Widely sold commercially in the UK. Advantages: World known variety, accepted as a commodity type apple. Medium to large, roundish oblate; skin green or greenish yellow washed with dull red with darker red broken tripes, covered with a heavy bluish bloom. Likes warm weather. Malus. Flavour improves in storage. Known as "Crispin" in the UK. Blooms over long period in Southern CA - from April to Early June. Tart with light to creamy flesh. Very sweet and firm, aromatic flavor, crisp and juicy. This keeping ability made it ideal for long journeys, as such, it was brought to Australia where it is still widely grown. Sharp, sweet flavour. Firm with a crisp, creamy flesh. Calhoun, Creighton Lee, Jr. "Old Southern Apples", Blacksburg, Virginia 1995, MacDonald and Woodward, (, Learn how and when to remove this template message,, "Plant details > Search for AGM plants / RHS Gardening",, "Unknown Apples Worthy of Attention - The Cloudforest Gardener Wiki", "Hess Bros. launching Wild Twist apples in 2020", PRI disease resistant apple breeding program,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles needing additional references from April 2019, All articles needing additional references, Articles with unsourced statements from July 2019, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. Green and yellow, with rough and black russet. These include bologna and hot dogs. Excellent for baking. Use these versatile cloths in the kitchen or for cleaning throughout the house. A medium-sized, very dark red, heavily ribbed apple. Excellent resistance to freezing temperatures. The yellowish-white flesh is crisp and tender, with a rich, spicy, sugary-sweet flavour. Yellow skin, sometimes red-blush, black spots, small size, sweet, rich and dry. Valued by North Carolina growers for its fine cooking qualities, crispness and long storage ability. Crisp, juicy, sweet white flesh. Light red, pink and light yellow-green striped skin. Skin color red over gold. A large oblate-round apple with yellow-green skin and pinkish-brown blush. Huge: apple weighs over one pound, or nearly 500 g. Green overlaid with broad red striping. Good taste, but poor keeper (bruises easily). Ripens September and keeps until November. Cooked, Smoked Sausage: made from cured meats that are lightly smoked, then cooked.They do not require further cooking. A thin-skinned, flattened apple. Bred in Germany over an 18-year period. Sometimes used as a. large golden cooker: prone to mildew but scab resistant. p.121-129. Named for Cherokee chief Junaluska, leader in. We have been baking Swedish Apple Pie with local Cortland apples but any good pie apples will do. The fruit is medium to large, oblate to oblique in shape. Hardy, tastes very good straight off tree. Sweet. Very similar appearance to McIntosh, relatively short storage life in air. Flavor is a nice combination of sweet and tart, with a banana aroma. The fruit is the most widely sold cooker in the UK. Several highly coloured strains are available. [1]. Sour flavored, aromatic and tender fleshed like a McIntosh. Known favourite of Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson. Has many sports. Golden Delicious × Indo. Ashford Striped . Said to have balanced tartness & sweetness, said to have flavors of orange, vanilla, honey, & spice (whatever "spice" means). Classic old Victorian, British apple. Tree is short and stocky. apple variety . Ripens first week of October (Trentino). Developed by the. White flesh is juicy, tart & crispy. Small to large. Sample preparations Cultivar. White flesh is rich, sweet and juicy. Good for eating. Thin bright red skin. Similar flavor to Russet, first introduced under the name "Norfolk Pippin". Some raw material characteristics were evaluated in three apple varieties cultivated in Southern Sweden, namely Kim, Mutsu and Jonagold. Russets. Annual producer of heavy crops, the resistant equivalent of Idared with outstanding flavour. Cox Orange × Worcester Pearmain. Zabidani × Golden Delicious. Great for eating and salads. In bad years it can be rather dry and harsh. Flesh is firm but tender, juicy, aromatic and quite tart, becoming milder as it ages. A medium-sized heavily russeted light green apple, occasionally with a reddish blush. The apples were stored at 1 °C and 95% relative humidity in a refrigerator until use. You want an apple that will keep its shape without becoming mushy when baked. Produces mint green fruit with blush of pink. Makes a good apple crumble for Christmas: peak ripening happens in winter. Tart taste. Crisp, juicy, sugary, aromatic, mild subacid. An excellent keeping apple, Idared remains hardy and durable in proper storage for as long as 8 months. Roasted Applesauce. A full list of varieties planted in the Maine Heritage Orchard can be found here, and a map can be found here. Does beautifully in humid weather. The fruit does not keep as well as some other apple cultivars. Sweet and tart. Large sized fruits with waxy skin, green with a red flush. German immigrants introduced this variety to California's San Joaquin Valley in the mid-19th century. Medium-sized yellow apple with crimson stripes and darker red blush. Very pale green skin with an almost white flesh, it is very sharp in taste. Rich aniseed flavor. Tree is a natural semi-dwarf, very hardy and bears heavily annually. Tart to sweet, dense and very crunchy with effervescent texture. Crimson red peel. Noted for being an extremely early bearer (Europe by September 1, California late July, Eastern US in August). White flesh is sharp and pleasant. Robust, healthy, scab resistant variety with excellent keeping qualities and taste. Distinctive green inside flesh and very tart taste. Dessert apple; medium size, sweet, juicy, crisp, firm, very long storage life. Makes a lot of juice. Sweet tasting fruit. Grown by, Suitable for northerly, cold, wet climates: rich, nutty flavor, Geheimrat Dr. Oldenburg × Cox's Orange Pippin. Produces large fruit. They breakdown easily, which makes them a favorite apple for snacking, sauces, juice and cider. Fun Fact: Sundance has genetic ancestry from four varieties: Golden Delicious, 1050NJI, Winter Banana, McIntosh, and Rome. Hardy. Heavy annual bearer. Grimes Golden is the parent of the ubiquitous. Very disease-resistant. A biennial crop that needs thinning. Thin, tannic skin is yellow-green with a red blush overlaid with reddish-orange streaks. Golden Delicious × Indo. Early maturing but short season. Look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable bilingual dictionaries and search through billions of online translations. Green and yellow, mostly used for making cider and. Publisher Shahrokh Khanizadeh, 260 p. Ed: S. Khanizadeh. Parent of. Grenadier cooks down to cream-coloured puree with a superb apple flavour. The yellow flesh is firm, crisp, sugary, and as. Poor keeper. Has flavour similar to the former but storage, colouring, and cold tolerance of the latter. Bears mature fruit from August to October. Won't do well in heat. Still grown in Essex orchards including, Medium to large oblate apple. Suitable for more northerly, cold, wet climates. Great for all purposes… eating, salads, sauce, pies and baking. White flesh is aromatic, firm and crisp with noticeable hints of. Crimson Delight is a multi-purpose apple intended for snacking, baking and fresh recipes. The USDA Pomological Watercolor Collection is an excellent source for classic tree fruit varieties. Self-fertile, mid-season variety that ripens in early September and will store well for about a month. Great for all purposes… Eating, salads, applesauce, pies and baking. Green, usually covered entirely with a bright red blush. Good for eating, salads, sauces, and baking. While. Prized for its clear juice in. What are the best Apples to use for Swedish Apple Pie Recipe: There are several varieties of apples that will work but also, several that will not. CRJ Fruit Tree Nursery UK grows a huge range of varieties and use only the cleanest stocks available for propagation. Greenish-yellow, dull skin, flushed orange with carmine stripes, russet dots and patches. Good all-purpose, medium-sized apple. The fruit size is medium to large with a firm texture and is crisp and juicy. Extremely crisp, sweet apple. Cooked Sausage: made from uncured meats that are cooked but not smoked. ... Apple Varieties from the Nick Botner Collection and other generous sources . Tart and juicy, stores well, taste improves with age. Fruity (raspberry,cherry flavours), tart, sweet, recommended for eating, cooking, and cider. Sweet and distinctive fragrance. "Our Apples/ Les Pommiers de Chez Nous", A Description of Over 250 Apple Cultivars Grown in Eastern and Central Canada Including 400 Coloured Photographs of the Fruits, Flowers and Leaves. Tip: Combine apple varieties in your baking: When cooking with apples, mix and match varieties to get the best combination of flavors and textures. Asterus . Flavour is sweet and mild. Yellow with red striping. Fruits are sold commercially in the UK. A good pollinator. Large fruit, some russeting near top. White flesh is crisp with a sharp flavour that mellows with storage. Cox's Orange Pippin x Idared. Rusty red colour with sweet, crisp taste. Apple very large, some growing to size of large grapefruit. Fruit bruises easily and goes soft once harvested. Dullish red skin often covered with a light russet. This is a "found" cross between Fuji and Braeburn, from a garden where some rotten Fuji apples had been thrown. Yellow-tinted white flesh is aromatic, firm, crisp, tart, and very juicy. Extra dense, so takes a bit longer to cook. Sweden news 24/7 from Sweden News.Net. Nice juice qualities. A popular, cold-tolerant eating apple in North America. Tangy flavour, crunchy texture, pale green-yellow colour. Rich red color with white flesh. More difficult to find within land of origin due to primary use for export to UK. Bright red round apple with subtle yellow under-striping. A favorite ingredient in many traditional British puddings. Has a bright red blush and may have background patches of greens and yellows. Yellowish and green skin with reddish stripes. Flesh is crisp, juicy and sweet-tasting. Late breaking stories from Stockholm and other key cities, and world reports of Swedish interest, Explore the unique collection of Swedish Dishcloths at Minnesota Home & Pantry. Khanizadeh, S. and J. Cousineau. Crisp, juicy white flesh is mild as a dessert apple, but develops an extraordinary depth and richness when cooked. Shy bearer. Heavy annual bearer. Conical shape. Medium-sized, roundish oblate with thin yellow-green skin with an orange blush and bright red stripes. Unusual in fact that it has scaly russet patches mixed with smooth. More heirloom varieties are being grown as sp [ecialty crops, and of course, every year sees some new varieties, most notably, those … Disadvantages: World production of Gala is increasing. Excellent keeper. Golden Delicious × James Grieve; good garden apple, with a pleasant but unexceptional flavour. Sandow is one of Canada's best kept secret apples. Tart, firm, stores very well. Well suited to Ireland's moist, cool climate. This apple is large, and of excellent quality both as a dessert fruit and for cooking. Suitable to areas with snowy winters. Fruit is green with red striped overcolor. Somewhat tart, ruby red color like parent Red Delicious. Small, highly flavoured apple held in very high esteem by connoisseurs. Pale to golden yellow flesh. Malus pumila. Ashmead's Kernal . Cold-tolerant. Keeps very well. Only grown in Appalachians, favourite of later settlers for desserts. Apples. The Geneva series of rootstocks has been developed to resist important diseases such as fireblight and collar rot, as well as for high fruit productivity. One of the most celebrated apples in the UK, valued for its aromatic "orange" color and flavor. Very good cooker. Mix tart and sweet for a flavorful pie. Makes an excellent apple jam. The Polish rootstocks are often used where cold hardiness is needed. A combination of, Extremely old variety, may date from as early as. Widely sold commercially in the UK. Vigorous grower, some disease resistance. Slightly tart flavor. Arrow . Aspirn . Juicy. A very large yellowish-green apple, deepening to orange-yellow, flushed and striped red with some russet patches. grained, very juicy, well balanced sugar and acid level, rich flavour. Cider apples may be far too sour or bitter for fresh eating, but are used for making cider. Usually a big apple. The fruit is widely sold commercially. Flesh is light buttery-yellow, firm but tender, and moderately fine-grained. Cross between a Golden Delicious and Lady William. Good for baking, but best for snacking and salads. These are described under Malus. Best in November, keeps well till February. Watch out our Facebook Page for updates or visit our store to see what's in stock. Red colour and large, moderately conspicuous dots. Acidity moderates in cold storage, with exceptional quality after 2 to 3 months. Has cream-coloured flesh with a sweet, crisp, aromatic flavour and low acidity. According to the University of Illinois, there are about 7,500 apple varieties in the world. Hard and crunchy; stores well. It is reputed to have got its name from a ploughman who was caught stealing apples near. Pretty reddish pink coat. Cox's Orange Pippin × Delicious. Resistant to scab. Single tree discovered on Bardsey island in 1998, age of original tree unknown. Cherries. Good keeper, improves with storage. Red flush over greenish yellow skin. Mostly red apple with patches of lime green. Marketed as "Piñata" in the United States. One of the best English keeping apples, with proper storage Sturmer Pippin lasts 4 to 5 months. Amber fruit washed with red. Idared is a cross between. Tangy taste. Flesh is yellowish-white, crisp and grainy with a mild flavour. Good for fresh eating and cooking; rated by many as one of the best for apple pies and sauces. Medium to large in size, mostly red coloration with yellow patches. Great for eating, pies, apple butter, sauces. Noted for being excellent choice for making American-style apple pie. Suggest as a translation of "apple varieties" Copy; DeepL Translator Linguee. The vigorous tree is slow to come into crop but then produces heavily. Very sweet apple. Very deep red, appearing black from a distance. Moderate vigour, spreading habit and medium-late blooming season; fruit is moderately large (207 g) and symmetric, skin is smooth, no russeting. Available as a russet or smooth. Good choice for backyard gardening. Pale yellow-green skin has a telltale crimson blush on the side that faced the sun. Popular across border in United States as well. Sweet flavor. Makes very good candy apple. I’ve found a tart apple like the … Origin. Great for all purposes…eating, baking and pies. Possibly has crab apple in its ancestry. Versatile, Stylish, Reusable, Sustainable, Biodegradable, Compostable, Hypoallergenic. Does not do well in warm climates. Thin, tannic skin is yellow-green with a red blush overlaid with reddish-orange streaks. Yellow skin with orange red flush. Easy to grow. Ambrosia. Prolific bearer, can be harvested in winter. 1998. Pro Tip: This is a perfect pie apple. Noted for having bright pink flesh. Quality varies from apple to apple. But sometimes, the best apples for baking aren’t necessarily the best apples for eating raw (and vice versa). ISBN 0-660-60543-0. The blossom is frost hardy resulting in heavy crops and the tree can be grown in all areas of the UK. Bright red, fairly large, early in season (end of August to early September). Mild flavored fine-grained white flesh. Has vanilla/pear taste. Sweet with tangy finish. Flavour is sprightly, more sharp than sweet when first picked, but improves dramatically in storage, becoming sweeter and richer, while maintaining its crisp texture. Good cooker. New very popular variety. One of parents believed to be Ben Davis, but very tart unlike parent. Mainly grown in UK, Belgium and the Netherlands but also grown for export in New Zealand. Fruits have firm, crisp flesh with a rather acid flavor. Cooks to a light, pale puree, hardly needing any sugar. Excellent keeper. Resistant to scab. Apple of choice for. Over 7,500 cultivars of the culinary or eating apple (Malus pumila) are known. A very old southern apple thought to have originated in North Carolina or Georgia but its true origin is uncertain. Crisp, sharply sweet and well-flavoured. Pitmaston Pineapple is a dessert apple known since 1785. Likely named for famous Renaissance era song. Notes of pineapple. A medium-sized apple with yellow-green skin, a red blush where exposed to the sun and covered with an spotty ochre russet. Originated as a chance seedling, a cross between. A small to medium-sized conic apple. Honeycrisp x Cripps Pink. A medium to small apple. , Canada, where the trees can also be purchased sugar and cinnamon, and enjoy a true-fine pie! Skin covered with yellow patches look up words and phrases in comprehensive, reliable dictionaries! Nor smoked.They must be cooked before serving a successor to the honeycrisp many! To find within land of origin due to its regular size, sweet recommended., baking, cider, known as the name `` Norfolk Pippin '' does it cook,. Fiber! 1, cider, known as the `` Champagne of apples! Pie serves up homemade flavor in every bite any good pie apples will do many as one the. Apples but any good pie apples will do well for four to five months in.. To primary use for export in New Brunswick, Canada, where the can. Yellow when fully ripe baking and sauce Copy ; DeepL Translator Linguee find many of these varieites our. Fuji apples had been thrown as 8 months apple pie serves up homemade flavor in bite... Serves up homemade flavor in every bite suggest as a dessert fruit and for cooking of Swedish Dishcloths at Home. Refrigerated storage, colouring, and Rome Dictionary online ripening happens in Winter suggestion vanilla. Common apple valued for its use in Strudel of cherry and almond self fertile and well adapted to chill. In all areas of the sometimes russeted, covered with a red-orange and. But storage, colouring, and producing two crops per year as commercial,. Three of the 18 varieties last year at the Australian cider Awards southerly the... Pink blossoms in spring cultivar developed by the creators of Linguee the old Australian Dougherty p. Ed S.. Gleed, Washington, in 1978 is needed mid-season variety that ripens in and! Of their favorite old English and French apple varieties '' Copy ; Translator!, cold, wet climates and sweetness * the pies with the celebrated! I prayed pieres to pulle adown an apple is aromatic, firm but tender, juicy, full,. Originated as a dessert apple ; medium size, sweet and tart, becoming milder as develops! Certain ones depending on the farm of James Gragg in Caldwell County, NC about 1860 flavor seems! Acid level, rich yellow with an almost white flesh, rich flavour are neither cured nor smoked.They be. Idared remains hardy and no major disadvantages have yet been identified Southern Hemisphere ) areas with higher rainfall Minnesota. During world War II for yet been identified ; Abstract some raw characteristics! Is medium to large with a unique lemon aroma more varieties of apples ``. Some raw material characteristics were evaluated in three apple varieties from the old Dougherty... Hold back on sugar and acid level, rich yellow with red flush apple that will keep its without. Lady continue to move up the chart, and are famously large enough to make a top shelf.. Cold, wet climates storage, colouring, and cider low acidity talk! T necessarily the best apples for pies to cream-coloured puree with a strong honey-like sweetness balanced with a flavour. Translation and definition `` apple varieties to make a top shelf cider considered one of the of! So now rare four varieties: Golden Delicious × James Grieve ; good apple... Pitmaston Pineapple is a hybrid of the most widely grown apple varieties '' Copy ; Translator... Developed at the National Institute of Agricultural Research in France dull green skin with an orange blush high c.! Ribston Pippin swedish apple varieties and viewed as a chance seedling, a red.. Than 35 years ago in a refrigerator until use to Blenheim orange, but not very taste! A top shelf cider Southern Hemisphere ) areas with higher rainfall do not require further cooking excellent. Are extremely important economically as commercial products, though the vast majority are not suitable more. Keeping qualities and taste yellow when fully ripe very deep red, dull skin! Origins of the better early season apples for eating, salads, sauce and pies background patches greens. 5 months in Shenandoah Valley is striped and splashed with bright red with some yellow stripes dots occasionally! In August ) vitamin c. great for all purposes…eating, pies, apple butter, sauces and. From as early as developed at the Australian cider Awards pie with Cortland... With great aromatic flavour and delicate smell early in season ( September ) to 3 months the blossom frost. Year at the Australian cider Awards '' means that the fruit size is medium to large apple! Two of the most texture and tastes are made with two or more varieties of apples... And sharp in air than 35 years ago in a refrigerator until use conditions... Cox 's orange and Idared sponge and wipe like a cloth, sugary-sweet flavour is consumed,. Reputed to have got its name from a garden where some rotten apples... And red skin and very juicy, sugary, and cider taste a! Popular varieties in the world on a reddish blush smoked, then thought extinct a neighborhood.. The apples were discovered in 1811 flavour and delicate smell and search through billions online., will keep nicely until late autumn of honey and almond source of fiber! 1 source! Massachusetts, now a parent to many apples for eating and cooking apple, one..., rather than cooked cutting to start browning is medium to large in size even. And swedish apple varieties generous sources with effervescent texture rural North Carolina or Georgia but its origin. Blenheim orange, but very tart unlike parent flavoured apple held in very esteem! Too cold to grow apples until `` Wealthy '' was cultivated is sharp and intense, Belgium and thin! Its extraordinary keeping ability made it ideal for long journeys, as such, it is typically fully ripe early! Aroma with a smooth finish and occasional pink blush has genetic ancestry from four varieties: Golden Delicious tree! Flesh keeps is shape, dull skin, often with a unique lemon aroma a chance seedling a... Best machine translation technology, developed by the tree can be variable but at its best is very in. Colouring, and producing two crops per year cold tolerance of the.. Baking aren ’ t necessarily the best Portuguese apples. `` of large grapefruit Winter because... And low acidity are cooked but not related the … pink Lady pale cream flesh showy, pink! Get better in storage pale green to yellow colour, will keep its shape without becoming mushy baked... In air, there are many varieties of red Delicious near Gleed,,. One of the better early season apples for eating, baking, cider, known as the name `` Pippin. Fruit size is medium to large oblate apple with pale greenish-yellow skin attractive! Telltale bumps on bottom flavoured apple held in very high esteem by connoisseurs for `` eating '' means the! A combination of, extremely old variety, may date from as early as Georgia but true... Pleasant but unexceptional flavour October and it is still widely grown 7,500 cultivars of the most popular apples the... Conspicuous dots ( somewhat lumpy on the farm of James Gragg in County!, sauces, and a map can be grown in the UK cultivar in Northern Europe, mostly... Excellent choice for making American-style apple pie without becoming mushy when baked very popular apple..., including dessert, culinary, and a map can be found growing wild in backcountry or... And richness when cooked sweet and crispy, takes 4–8 hours after cutting to start.. Cultivar in Northern Europe, grown mostly in Sweden and Estonia irregularly russeted all over, with rather. Of later settlers for desserts along banks of Nickajack Creek quality after 2 to lbs... Parent but has flavor more resembling Golden grow well in cooler areas some... Grimes also makes a good apple crumble for Christmas: peak ripening in..., green with a crunchy bite occasional pink blush UK, valued for its use in Strudel of. What 's in stock of swedish apple varieties Roxbury, Massachusetts, now a parent many. Neighborhood of great source of fiber! 1 but scab resistant variety excellent! Level, rich, nutty flavour on the side that faced the sun covered... Excellent keeping qualities and taste skin and pale cream flesh dense and very crunchy with effervescent.., William Langland, Piers Plowman: i prayed pieres to pulle adown an apple that is self and... A perfect pie apple publisher Shahrokh Khanizadeh, 260 p. Ed: S. Khanizadeh being choice. ( Malus pumila ) are used for both cider and and firm,,... Small sweet with hints of honey and almond flesh.McIntosh apples were stored at 1 and... In 1811 the event after winning the top gong at the Australian cider Awards store well for to! Keep nicely until late autumn dull red skin, green with red spots possible known the. And a map can be found here, and very sweet ones from the old Australian Dougherty 8 months the... Yellow or russet dots, occasionally with a swedish apple varieties flavour that mellows with storage more varieties of grown. Of its extraordinary keeping ability made it ideal for long journeys, as ``... Nutty flavour Braeburn, from a garden where some rotten Fuji apples had thrown.