Simple, whenever I have the chance I like to make my own jam and this Vanilla and Yellow Plum Jam is awesome I think its because my mum always made her own jam that I enjoy having it at home now, many a summer in our childhood my mum would take my sister and I fruit picking, at first we would complain but the homemade cakes and jams soon made up … Can they be saved? Thanks for your awesome feedback! Chop or crush the is there a ratio to follow in plum jam prep.? It just uses one weird trick! If you experiment, let me know how you liked the recipe. I find most are like jelly with no real plum. I want to say it was about 30 cups… maybe? I am making this now, so far so good! If you do an experiment, please share with us how it goes. I’m so glad that was helpful! I am going to make it again today and plan on canning. I washed and put plums in a small amount of simmering water until the skins split. Hi Janet, I haven’t experimented with this method using apples. The little plums from your over-producing tree are called quetsch! She would make 20 or 30 jars and paraffin seal them, no pectin and it tasted amazing. Is there a name for this technique? Thanks! The jam may be looser, as berries do not have much natural pectin compared to stone fruits. Hi Jesse, a single simmer for that long may discolor your plums and they would probably be pretty thin and juicy at that point without adding pectin. Wild plum skins tend to contain most of the “character” and have more bitter flavor. We also have the written recipe with each video. You may hear a pop when the jars fully seal. This is the most amazing recipe! Thanks Natasha! Thank you so much for sharing that with us! Share. Because our plum jam recipe is made without pectin and without added sugars, the shelf life is shorter than that. I have the old recipe version, with the oven canning method. Is it ruined? That’s correct! Be sure to leave 1/2″ space at the top for expansion in the freezer. Thank you! Repeat step 2 a total of FOUR times. It’s not set like store-bought jams are where you could cut through it with a spoon. I hope that helps. Is that going to affect anything? I have completed the first boiling/simmering, and it looks good so far! Try our all-star easy-to-make recipe for plum jam using CERTO Light Pectin Crystals - a tasty jam to make when plums are in season. Easy Sugar-Free Plum Jam recipe. Hi Valerie, we have a handy tool to help you scale the recipes up or down. The recipe amount I used (1.5kg fruit to 1.5kg sugar) yielded around 2.5kg jam . Do you think this recipe would work for freezer jam? If the seal does not form, refrigerate jam and enjoy within 3 months. SSL may earn fees linking to products and services at no additional cost to you. The recipe is called no peel no pectin but it doesn’t state what to do with the peels. My jam burnt. I didn’t let it cool all the way to room temperature before I heated it up again. And, leaving the skins on when you make this plum jam recipe is actually a smart idea, since most of the pectin resides in the fruits’ skins. I produced a single 12 oz jar of jam. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It is not near sweet enough. Using sterilized jars, ladle the hot jam into the jars and wipe off the rims with a moist towel to make sure no jam is on the rims. I get it! Monk Fruit and Swerve have a tendancy to cristallize and separate from fruit after being refrigerated in Jam. Hi, Peel ... pound fully ripe plums.Chop in small pieces. If it still too thin, boil it down again but stir often so it doesn’t scorch. Transfer plums/sugar mixture in to a large cooking pot. This easy, no pectin plum jam recipe is perfect for those new to canning and preserving. The jam will keep for up to 10 days if you use a clean mason jar that is either straight from the dishwasher or washed by hand with hot soapy water, then thoroughly dried. Hello Natasha, I have around 2 kilos of plums – i.e. With a bit of added sugar, wild plums cook into a tasty wild foraged jam without any added pectin. I followed the recipe as written plus 1.5 cups more sugar and it turned out great! Just one interesting method that takes time but no effort (trust me on this). 1-1/2 teaspoons ground cinnamon*Do you peel plums for jam? Help! If you do an experiment, please share with us how it goes. Do you have a freezer version of this jam? Am I missing something? You can also step on a scale and then pick up the fruit and calculate the difference. Susan S. July 3, 2016 1:39pm This easy, no pectin plum jam recipe is perfect for those new to canning and preserving. Hi Natasha~ I made my plum jam and it turned out DELICIOUS! 278. I love that it has no added pectin, and it makes the most gorgeous color. I think I messed up on the 3rd boil and it boiled too long as I was dealing with my toddler – oops! As summer comes to an end, it’s time to make the most of the bumper crops of summer fruits by making Thank you! PS looking forward to trying more of your recipes. Just curious…Is there a reason why this can’t be done in just one afternoon? If you prefer a smooth consistency, reduce the plum-sugar mixture, puree it using an immersion blender or and pass it through a large Food Strainer. Or can I simply make a jar of this jam and then use it? Is that still ok to use? The recipe for plum jam is simple and comes from a beautiful book produced by Williams-Sonoma called The Art of Preserving. Chop (unpeeled) plums finely. It would be great to make a jam out of them! After de-pitting, I blended the pulp briefly to break up the skins. Wild plums are naturally high in pectin, so there’s no need to add purchased pectin to this wild-plum jelly recipe. A well-canned jam, jelly or marmalade made with pectin and added sugars, can last up to 2 years when stored properly. Repeat step 2 a total of FOUR times. This plum jam with ginger gives the jam a lovely, warm taste, and it's beautiful to use on toast, to fill cakes and cookies, or to top a scoop of vanilla ice-cream. Lidia. Hi Lorraine, I think it could work as a freezer jam. This recipe is really a cross between plum jam and plum preserves. Thank you so much for sharing that with me Adrienne! For this plum jam recipe, no additional pectin is needed. Wash the lids with soapy water and, place them on the jars and screw on the sterilized rings. It does seem lovely otherwise and I like the idea of simmering it in stages and eventually it thickens. Hi Jennifer, we did not add water. No big deal. We’re surrounded by a fiery array of leaves that rustle in the warm afternoon breeze. Thank you. Place packed cans into the canning pot and cover with 1-2 inches of water. Thank you so much for that feedback! Love your recipes. Boil the lids 5 min. We updated the recipe to match current guidelines. Not as mild as peaches - just a little more tart. You might have to google if that is a safe substitution to preserve jam. I made blackberry jam with the same method and also came out great. Thanks. Can this recipe be done with frozen plums? Hi Laura, yes that is the usual culprit is having the pot over too high of heat and a thinner bottom pot is most susceptible to scorching. Came out fantastic. Thank you for your great review, Brooke. Measure exactly 7-1/4 cups prepared plums into large saucepan. I am using the small yellow plums from my friends tree. I’ve made the recipe before but never canned. It does thicken when it cools so it’s a good idea to chill a small amount to see how thick it will be and add some water if necessary before canning it. Hi Natasha, i remember plum jam that my Hungarian mom used to make for kiflis. Thank you, That’s a great idea! Once it is canned, I would not open the cans to fix it at that point but address the jars as they are opened. Use your plums! We have a plum tree. small, almost black with sweet meat but bitter skins. Perfect for foraging and jamming! I thought I followed instructions to a T. Where did I go wrong? Simmer for 10 minutes then turn off the heat. I have frozen berries and would rather go pectin free if possible. Holiday gifts, check. If it’s in the refrigerator, it’ll need to be … I have a bunch of homegrown grapes that are about to go bad. Other jams we have made years ago had water added. If it stops boiling after you stir it, continue boiling until everything is uniformly bubbling, then simmer for 10 minutes and turn off the heat. First, prepare the fruit. Thanks! Hi Leighann, did it thicken as it cooled? I’m so glad you enjoyed it Terry! Just found it! Hi Laura, yes that is the usual culprit is having the pot over too high of heat and a thinner bottom pot is most susceptible to scorching. I am worried that this is not enough sugar to can safely. Couldn’t you just simmer it to the desired consistency and be done with it? What about apples? It still has some of it’s preserve-like plum chunks, but it’s nice and thick and spreads beautifully. Condiments. It also makes use of those tiny sour fruit from ornamental or wild plum trees, the ones that aren’t really good for anything else. at the bottom your recipe says "Weigh all plum jam ingredients accurately" bit the recipe doesn't provide weights - only volumes. There’s no “set” waiting time between boilings. I do t want to waste time canning if it’s ruined some how. Can we use yellow plum instead of pruns in this reciepie. I have a tree that is loaded with plums, I don’t know the variety. I found the idea online. Is the weight of the plums before putting? Sounds great, Michael. Hi Selina, we have made several in the past we enjoyed fresh by keeping it in the fridge. Then she scooped the pits out before jarring it. Huge crops of wild plums ripen at the edge of woodlands across North America each fall, and most are left to the squirrels. As soon as it cools, repeat step 2 the same way – simmering 10 minutes. Hello, thanks for the personal response. Jalapeno Plum Jam Recipe and Canning without Pectin. My husband and I run this blog together and share only our best, family approved and tested recipes with YOU. It is important that plums are pitted before freezing otherwise pitting plum after cooking can be a nuisance. Measure exactly 7-1/4 cups prepared plums into large saucepan. Hi Dave, I haven’t tested that and don’t have any experience with monk fruit in canning. Hi Jen, I didn’t measure the plums that way, but just to give you a rough idea: 1 lb for me was about 6-8, two-inch-wide plums. Drained most of the water and used a hand mixer on the lowest speed which loosened the meat from the pit and I then used my fingers to remove the pit. At what temperature do you bring pot to a boil. I hope that helps! 1. Hi Natasha, Many thanks for your helpful reply. You can take your not so perfect plums and make this gorgeous preserves with them. Drizzle well with 4 1/2  cups sugar. There are some plums with thicker skins but I think the skins add nice texture to the jam. If you must peel them - you will If you give it a try please let m know how it works out for you. Using a large spoon, stir plums with sugar until all are coated. Should I let them ripen some more? You can give this jam … I did the boiling since that seemed to be recommended, but I also flipped the jars upside down since the description of the boiling method didn’t indicate whether or not to flip the jars. my plums seem a little firm will that matter? The taste and texture are fabulous! Do the skins break down or are there wads of skin in the jam? Hi Michelle, the jam skins might accumulate at the top if the mixture hasn’t been stirred. Hi Stephanie, I think it could work as a freezer jam. Hi Barb, the jam should not be harmed, just check that the seal has formed and the lids don’t pop when you push down in the center. (And boy, are they delicious!) It’s perfectly fine to make this plum jam recipe without canning. Also, could i use this recipe, but not do the three cooks/? Ok. I’m a guy. Rachel: how many cups of blackberries did you use? Natasha’s favorite tips to unleash your inner chef! Serve this delicious jam stirred into yogurt, or spread onto toast slices or split English muffins. Start by washing your jars and lids with warm water and soap then let them dry in the oven at 215 for about 20 min or until completely dry. Hi Oviya, it is likely due to the smaller batch since the surface area would be higher for releasing steam. I have plans to add more details to the plum and peach jam in the future and to remake them with a video and picture. I have another question: The first batch I made was very dry (I didn’t realize how much it would thicken after it cooled). Hi, and welcome to Savory Sweet Life. Also in English the plum name is Damson I believe and we used to have them also! Have I cooked it too long? 6 tbsp Lemon juice. Natasha ~ I just finished and it worked and probably saved me a good bit of time. It was so easy and stress free! Hi Linda, if it is heated for too long, it can scorch on the bottom and can turn a very dark color. Ladle hot jam into a hot jar to within 1/4 inch (0.5 cm) of top of jar (headspace Pop it into the fridge for 5 minutes. Current guidelines recommend the following process (instead of oven canning): Now don’t you want to curl up with a jar of that? I have a ton of fresh peaches and was thinking of doing the same thing with the peaches(maybe less sugar and add lemon juice) , but I was wondering if you ever made peach jam the same way? This simple and easy to follow recipe is made without pectin. Plums were starting to fall off. I was not clear by the mention of adding sugar to taste whether you meant only during the initial prep of the plums. If you are wondering how to preserve plums, then this is one recipe you I would add that much and then add more to taste. I’m a bit confused though with your recipe. 4. . Yes, I do recommend cleaning off the waxy coating. I want the banana bread video so I can bake. I found this recipe online and figured I’d try it. Yummy jam!! Plum Jam Recipe – No Pectin [Video] By Catalina Castravet Updated: Aug 16, 2020 Published: Jul 10, 2020 5 from 3 reviews Jump to Recipe Print Recipe Plum Jam is a sweet addition to biscuits, bread, and other delicacies , . Push the edge of the jam on the saucer and if it "wrinkles" the jam is ready. I can almost taste it and see the gorgeous rub purple colour of the finished product. I searched the website and with the help of Natashas Kitchen we have a no peeling Plum Jam. Hi Carolyn, I honestly have never tried using a different sweetener so I can’t make any suggestions for that substitution. My favorite fruits are plums, which, confusingly for anglophones, are called prunes, in French, or pruneaux, when they are dried. Couldn’t I just fill the jars with boiling jam and go straight to the water bath, as I do with other recipes? Remove from the pot and leave at room temperature undisturbed for 12-24 hours. Make jam, of course. Do I refrigerate until tomorrow or leave at room temp? Impossible you say ! Like Natasha, I am using standard U.S. grocery store red plums about 2-inches wide. The photos are gorgeous and many of the jams and jellies are accompanied by recipe ideas which is a very useful effort on the part of the book’s authors, Rick Field, Lisa Atwood, and Rebecca Courchesne. My name is Alice Currah and you'll find easy delicious recipes to feed your family and other useful tips for everyday living. You’re so welcome, Rachel. It came out to 6 plums per pound. Hi Natasha- you don’t need to add lemon juice? Cooked the plums twice yesterday then this morning a third time. Not that I’m aware of, Amy. Sugar Plums are in season now and they're abundant. You don’t have to. This easy no-pectin jam recipe uses the hot jars method so it's ideal for those who haven't tried canning before. You’re so welcome! Thank you for sharing that with us! I just finished my 4th round of boiling and cooking and the mixture is very thin still, like soup. Hi lee! It is now my go-to for preserves. Thanks for this simple, flavour-preserving recipe! What could be the issue? I (your recipe) even received the stamp of approval from my wife who is an exceptional cook. Clean and Fill Your Jars. Our neighbors have about 50 Italian trees. This is the first time making the plum jam. Also, it thickens more as it cools. Bring boiling-water canner, half full with water, to simmer. Yes, it would be helpful to have the conversion of 12 pounds to 30 cups within the recipe to make it easier for people to use. Hi Natasha. Let the pot stand uncovered until it is just warm to the touch or reaches room temp. I love your recipes. I welcome this little amount of sugar and since I have not done Jam with so little sugar in 40 years I would have to check how it works with substitute sugar. If 2 days doesn’t work for you, by all means, take 3 days. Preserves have plenty of sugar so they won’t spoil at room temp if you leave it on the counter overnight. Does your plum tree have sharp spikes or spines on it? I hope you enjoy these to the fullest. What fruits can this process be done with? Highly toxic to dogs!! Might I ask what that tool is/brand that you are using to remove the stones? We love it! Thanks so much! What if i just heated it to rolling boil and stirred for 20 minutes, then canned? That’s just awsome, Marilyn! ... Then make the jam.Add powdered pectin to fruit in saucepan and ... for 8 medium glasses. 6 … The jam came out great! Hi Debra, having the pot over too high of heat and a thinner bottom pot is most susceptible to scorching. Other recipes I have read just have you simmer the plums for 45-60 min before canning. Read our complete guide to stone fruits before you start. If your plums are overripe or already very sweet, you may only need 4 cups of sugar total. I think the plum variety is El Dorado. Hello my name is LaDonna I have the answer to your question as to the name of your little plums in my opinion they are the best ones for making jam and the hardest to find in stores they are Italian prune plums the ones they dry for prunes they are my favorite I envy you for your tree enjoy. I have had better luck with Xilytol from birch tree as a substitute for sugar in Jam. Thank you for sharing that Danielle! Do I still have to boil them for 15 minutes? Couple that with the tail end of strawberry season here . Hi you are correct on both things. This plum jam recipe has only two ingredients: plums and sugar. I like seeing the pieces of fruit in my jam I hope you LOVE it! Screw the lids on enough to keep a tight seal in place but don’t over-tighten them since air bubbles need to be able to escape. Mine came out GREAT! Thank yo for sharing. Thank you so much! Do I have to use the water bath method? Let stand 10 minutes. Plums are naturally high in pectin, so this recipe does not need any extra pectin. Ladle immediately into prepared jars, filling to within 1/4 inch of tops. I would keep it covered after it reaches room temperature to keep bugs or dust out, but I have taken 3 days to make jam before and it has plenty of sugar to keep it from spoiling. We’ve just picked another 10 kilos from our tree so Im going to try out your recipe…. (bought a case at the farmer’s market today). I think I messed up the final canning stage bc a tiny bit of jam leaked out of the lid while the jar rested upside down after oven sealing method, but we are eating it over the next 2-3 weeks so no big deal. saucepot. Plum Preserves Recipe / Plum Jam Recipe – No Pectin / No Preservative. I hope that helps! Hi! I am confused…why does the recipes with pectin call for 4 lbs. I understand it lasts up to 3 months if the jar doesn’t seal but otherwise if everything is sealed what is the lifespan? I recommend finding a heavy bottomed pot. Thanks for confirming. The plum and peach jam are older recipes. Be sure to leave 1/2″ space at the top for expansion in the freezer. Add liquid pectin, squeezing entire contents from pouch. Thanks for your great review! Prepare a small boiling water bath canner and 4 half pint jars. Combine 1/4 cup sugar and pectin crystals. She called them Damson plums. What about botulism? Transfer your boiling hot jam to the jars using a glass measuring cup and a funnel (least messy method) leaving about 1/2″ space. Hi Terry, you are correct. How to Make Plum Jam Ingredients 10 cups chopped plums* (about 4-1/2 pounds) 1 cup orange juice 1 package (1-3/4 ounces) pectin for lower sugar I just opened a jar and it seems a bit too tart. It’s also a small batch of jam, and requires no special equipment. Do the plums need to be soft? If you test it out, let me know how you like it as a freezer jam. If you experiment, please let me know how you like that. Natasha ~ my pits are impossible to remove. I am now getting ready to make your recipe. Hi Cindy, there is ample sugar to preserve the jam but if that is a concern for you, you can add lemon juice, but you will need more sugar to balance the flavors. I understand the no pectin, but every picture in the recipe shows clearly that the peel is still on the plum. So any advise you can give me is truly appreciated! Did the seeds dissolve or did you strain them out? Set yourself up for canning success by having the basic canning supplies. Once a jar is opened how long should it last if kept refrigerated? Thanks. I purchased them at Walmart. This recipe for plum jam has no pectin and very little sugar. Return to boil; boil hard 1 minute, stirring constantly. It’s in my favorites now. Love it! It’s really easy though and so worthwhile! 1. Don’t tell my biker friends. It would not hurt to use an immersion blender or even a regular blender to break up the plums to your desired consistency. Let plums sit at room temp with the sugar for about 1 hour, or until sugar is somewhat dissolved. Hi Adrienne, without testing that is hard to say. Couldn’t be easier – I can’t wait to eat it. 12 lbs pitted plums, Stanley, 4.5 C sugar. So question is, should I use my hand blender to smash them up a bit. I’m glad you gave this recipe a try! I am pitting the plums tonight and hope to start tomorrow. I brought the bag of plums home and got to work. I’m ready to run with a second batch but want to add spices: cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove. I am going to try it. Last time bringing it to a boil at the lower temperature, stirring … I cant wait to try this recipe thank you, Sharon, St Leon Indiana! 40 years later Mama’s gone but I do cook like her so why not try to replicate her magic. Screw the lids on enough to keep a tight seal in place but don't over-tighten them since air bubbles need to be able to escape. Bring to boil. The recipe is very easy and if you like a tart plum jam this will I also think it is important to include the 12 pounds=30 cups detail in the recipe. Going to try next with pluots! Thank you so much for sharing that with me! My plums are huge like apple sized. The color on my computer may be off, but the flesh for that variety is more orange than yellow. It's soft, sweet, slightly tart, and spreads like a dream! Should I just add water, or would it be better to add water and heat the jam again to get the desired result? Usually, I have used 500g of substitute sugar or regular sugar for 1 kg of plum. I’ve tried a few preserves recipes, and this is BY FAR the easiest and best tasting! Discard and do not eat or taste any canned food if you notice any of the following: FREE BONUS: 5 Secrets to Be a Better Cook! I am Natasha, the blogger behind Natasha's Kitchen (since 2009). You will bring it to a simmer a total of 4 times, stirring to prevent scorching the bottom. We have a few notes throughout the recipe and in the title for you. Hi Pat, it is ok to add sugar at the end and just make sure it comes to a full boil after adding the sugar to give it a chance to dissolve and reach a safe temperature. Made the plum jam today. Thank you for your great feedback, Iness. Hi Kim, per the guidelines the jars need to be processed for food safety. Hi. Today, I tossed some toasted oats in brown sugar in butter, cooked for a few minutes in the oven, put some of the plum jam in the bottom of a small ramekin, added a dab of butter, microwaved for few seconds on top added the toasted instant quick dessert fix in a small tasty portion-controlled way. I ended up pureeing for plum butter version. We’re on a canning spree this week. Worked pretty good! Wonderful! I’ll have to take a closer look next time! I am so glad to hear that you loved the taste of this jam. What next? To start jarring, wash and sterilize all of your jars in hot soapy water, then … Will my jam be harmed by having flipped the jars upside down after boiling? If you test it out, let me know how you like it as a freezer jam. I wondered whether you can use a slow cooker? Oh and this would make the sweetest Christmas gift! Take the white froth with the help … Hi Lidia, are those the small yellow plums? You may hear a pop when the jars fully seal. It’s awesome paired with breakfast pancakes or crepes. The recipe is very easy and if you like a tart plum jam this will hit the spot. Reducing the amount of sugar proportionately means I would only use around one cup, which sounds hardly anything, given that most oother plum jam recipes call for almost equal amounts of fruit to sugar. Let them sit for 1 hour then transfer the mixture into a large cooking pot. I read the whole recipe and notes and I’m not sure about the peels. Hi Dennis, I didn’t measure the plums that way, but just to give you a rough idea: 1 lb for me was about 6-8, two-inch-wide plums. No peel No pectin! Then put it in the jars. Do not peel. I read it as, “no peel” as in there are no peels in the recipe. The plum from your tree called Italian plum in US. Not anymore. No peel. Curious about the process and wish I could learn more about this approach… 10 cups chopped plums* (about 4-1/2 pounds) 2. Remove from heat and skim off foam. Can I simmer the plums whole for (5) min and then remove pits or not. Hi,Natasha! Start by washing your jars and lids with warm water and soap then let them dry in the oven at 215 for about 20 min or until completely dry. No pectin, canning, or sugar. I love that I don’t have to peel or add pectin. Did I definitely scorch it? Texture seems to be good. Do you peel the plums at some point or do they just become incorporated during the cooking? This simple plum jam is made with just 3 ingredients - fresh plums, sugar and CERTO Liquid Pectin. The air is crisp and the mornings are cool. If I make a smaller batch and use it right after making it, do I need to do the canning process? They ate less meaty and have more juice than those you used. Hi Marcia, I think it could work as a freezer jam. During any of the boiling or should it be after boiling the last time? Baking & Spices. We have a plum tree full to brimming right now and we’re going to make some jam! It may be the best jam I’ve ever had. and it was suggested to smash them before putting sugar on them so they can soak it up. It’s a great resource to answer frequently asked canning questions. Hi Elena, this method is different in that it boils down the plums several times and concentrates the sugars as it thickens. of plums to 8 1/2 cups of sugar. I’m so happy you enjoyed this Rich! This 2-ingredient Plum Jam recipe is like capturing the fresh flavors of summer in a jar! Hi Sarah, I haven’t had that experience – I wonder if it’s maybe due to the type of plums used? Hello I’m about to start making this jam and I am wondering without the pectin how long will it stay shelf stable in the cupboard? My question is, the title says Low-carb and perfect on Keto Bread. Add to plums; mix well. Finely chop or grind fruit; place in saucepan. Remove from the pot and leave at room temperature undisturbed for 12-24 hours. my dad says I have ice cream toppings not jam. I’m so glad to hear that! Hi Nidia, our family canned that way for years but the standard and recommended way now is to use the canning method. This simple plum jam is made with just 3 ingredients - fresh plums, sugar and CERTO Liquid Pectin. For canning apples, we use our go-to apple sauce recipe. I would suggest adding more sugar and then keeping it refrigerated once it has been opened.