Thannks for the tips! Thanks for the heads up and for sharing your story with us – I’m so sorry you went through all that. Thanks Hannah! All I can say is this sounds like a great process but be careful AND MAKE SURE you do SPOT testing. It has no VOC. I agree, I felt so duped! How much do you use? I had the surface of the keeping room floor sanded very lightly (didn’t want to lose all that character). Boil a small pot of water, and once it’s boiling, put the bottle in upside down for a minute and a half. This term is very ambiguous; manufacturers can put it on a label to describe any number of the more than 3,000 different chemicals that are known to be used in fragrance compounds. I didn’t want to spend too much on the oils because I wasn’t sure how it would work so I purchased one essential oil blend on that basically smells clean and citrusy and it worked amazingly! , Uh. Does this recipe work because it’s a mixture? just curious. So, I woke up a 5am when everyone would be sleeping. Is this safe for pets? 2 cats and 2 dogs. Oh God, the smell… It was so strong. I don’t know how this recipe worked for everyone else but it left my floors streaky and very dull and I followed the recipe to a tee. I won’t kill myself finding the exact article. Thank you. Tried this for the first time…it’s a keeper! . I have Pergo floors and am so paranoid about getting them wet.. You know how moisture can make the edges kind of warp… How do you clean them and how do they dry fast enough for the warping not to happen? Sanding also helps to minimize wood grain!! Shopping for oils later today! just installed laminate floors and now researching internet how to clean.. manufacturing web site says to avoid cleaning products that contains vinegar… and all DIY floor cleaner contains vinegar…. Hope that helps! This works on dark wood, light wood, … I love the freedom mop because you use your own cleaning solution and it has washable pads that have little scrubbers. I am a little nervous about trying it but it looks like you have been doing it for a few months. When we redo our floors, I would love to know that I am looking at the right stuff in the store to get results like yours. Love this stuff! I saw a recipe on Pinterest for household cleaner with vinegar that has you soak orange peels in the vinegar for 2 weeks to help with the smell…. I did make the cleaning cocktail in my Swiffer Wet Jet, using the modified 1 cup and 3/4 cups. . Can we say amazing??!?!!? We had the same problem with white cloudy areas appearing when we first used the vinegar solution. I’ve never heard of the Mint + but just looked it up now. You can use vinegar water on hardwood. Hi Julie, I’m using this cleaner on my laminate and it works perfectly without warping the edges. I did have to open a window and also let the cats out from the smell. My sincere thanks to you for posting this recipe for floor cleaner!! It is a toxic product. Yes, through my research, I’ve found that this cleaner is safe enough to use around children and pets. Hardwood floors (for me anyway) are a much greater challenge to keep clean due to lack of time to constantly be dust mopping, sweeping or polishing and absolutely everything is visible on the pretty , glossy, shiny floors. It will eventually take the finish off the laminate. Manufacturers will not warrant the floor due to moisture damage. I was confused about this also. Then for fun, I added Rosemary (5 drops), Orange (5 drops) and Lavender (3 drops) essential oils for a clean smell (and Rosemary is supposed to help in disinfecting). Does it matter what percent alcohol to use??? It came pre-assembled so all I had to do was open the box and roll it into the house. My laminate wood floors are what inspired this homemade cleaner! THANK YOU , THANK YOU, THANK YOU! So I tried it anyways and it still worked . Buy our zero-VOC wood stains online today to have it delivered right to your doorstep in time for your next project! [33] I would start by checking to see if the ammonia would react in any way with the other ingredients (alcohol or vinegar) and go from there. How do I get the white film off? I’m not saying you need to rip them out, but have your homes tested for formaldehyde emissions. It has saved my life just pour it directly onto a cloth and wipe it down, it seriously works wonders!! Does the alcohol cause any damage to the floors or discolor the flooring at all? It got the floor cleaner than using just water. for a gallon of water, you could try 1/2 cup of vinegar, and 1/3 cup of alcohol, plus a few drops of dish soap. Opened some windows, ceiling fans on and a couple of box fans. we use borax, then rinse with nothing but water. After reading several ladies success with using this solution in their Shark steam mop I decided to try it too. Did not work for me…I scrubbed it twice and it looks worse now than it did before I scrubbed it! I was wondering if I could use that in place of the natural soap? This is a quick recipe to make and it actually works! Whatever you call it, it’s the clear stuff that’s used to clean and sterilize minor cuts. . It has a tank where you pour the hoover “floor solution” in and then when you start your scrubber, you pull a trigger to dispense the liquid onto the floor, and then little spin brushes, actually scrub the floor with the then click the machine on to the “dry” setting and then it squeegee’s and sucks up the liquid that remains on the floor, and dries quickly. I was told boiling water, but my really hot tap water worked!) Thanks again! I’ve been searching for a good cleaner for my laminate floors, can’t wait to try it tomorrow!!!! Then I used on the baseboards that get covered in hairspray and dirt….came right off! I tried this today on my kitchen linoleum and found a shortcut. Another tremendous challenge to hard wood vs carpet is the dirt and trash my late Grandmothers 8 indoor kitties leave behind them all day, everyday. When I mentioned this to my doc, he said that ALL people will EVENTUALLY show symptoms of they are exposed to the formaldehyde long enough–even at low levels–and that formaldehyde is a proven human carcinogen after long-term exposure at low levels. After I used this, I didn’t see any more marks or baby drool, etc. I’ve used micro fiber cloths and they do not remove foot prints only dust. Just wanted to say thanks for the great recipe and add a little something. Thank you!!! WOW!!! . It was back breaking work for us to install the flooring all thru the home, then more backbreaking work trying to get it back to the beautiful shine. I’m not sure I understand the question. . Which is best to use for wood floors? sunflower oil.. I make a big batch of it in a bucket using hot water and a mop that I wring out very well. I have a cat and a dog. They are shining pretty with just a simple spray and wipe. I do one step you have not talked about…I put my spray bottle ( sprayer nozzle removed of course) in to the microwave for 1 min….. it gets the solution very hot..I spray in little sections, clean with the microfiber cloths and it looks great. Thanks!! I don’t know about the alcohol. 49 Likes, 1 Comments - College of Medicine & Science (@mayocliniccollege) on Instagram: “🚨 Our Ph.D. These are great tips, and I am sure they work quite well. It does use alcohol and vinegar, so if you’re looking for a cleaner without these ingredients, you can check out this other post for a simple all-purpose cleaner. Dr. Bronner’s can be found at any health food store, but some Walmarts and Walgreens have been known to sell it. @Mimi… had your laminate floor ever had a ‘shine’ product applied? Tried this recipe (was hopeful), but it left streaks. Ahh, yes. Thanks! And I just fill my fabric softener compartment with vinegar – it’s probably no more than 1/4 or 1/2 cup. Vinegar is probably as old as civilization itself (seriously – it’s even been found in Ancient Egyptian pots and referenced in Babylonian scrolls! Frances, my house is 155 years old with pine plank floors. You can clip those off with fingernail clippers. Yes, I think the dish soap is integral for that extra bit of grease/oil fighting power. I have laminate wood floors and was using the Bella Wood cleaner that they sold me with the flooring, it seems very dull, streaked and just not clean. Be careful – In my attempt to figure out how the Wet Jet works so I could refill it I was fussing with the machine and it bit me! Keeps the floors swept and now this will keep the floors shiny . Could the oils in the orange peels have made this effect? I found Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap 18 in 1 hemp lavender pure castile soap and I wanted to know could I use this instead of plain castile and the drops of lavender essential oil. I just use castile soap, which is all natural. Sounds like a great floor cleaner but why do you need all 3 essential oils? Lol and since we’ve been married, I’ve only used an actual mop maybe 5 times or less, because I’m a hands and knees on the floor type girl! =), Ahh, good to know. And, like you, I HATE, HATE, HATE carpeting!) The problem is, after installation, I developed eczema, constant nose bleeds, headaches and a nasty cough and chest congestion that–eight months later–still has not subsided. [The Ultimate Spray Foam Insulation Guide] In addition to its health benefits, Green Polyurethane has other advantages. Just a thought. It works like a charm! My question is if you (or previous owners/tenants) have ever used other commercial cleaners on your floors before? A friend of my husband stopped by one evening and as he started into the house, he stopped and asked if he should take his shoes off before walking on my beautiful floors! Isn’t it just magical?! Does anyone know if this would work for tile floors as well?? Few drops of liquid dish detergent I’m glad it worked out for you! 09 octobre 2019 Politologue Prénoms. Feel like it is always dirty and our feet are constantly dirty!! I was wondering if you could add amonia for a disenfectant? LivePure Magic Clean 3-pk 32 oz. I have a shark steam mop, too, and was wondering the same thing. As well as online at Amazon Hope that helps! Their use in this recipe is not just for the nice scent (they do a great job of covering up the strong smell of the vinegar and alcohol); I specifically chose these oils (lavender, lemon or orange, tea tree oil, and peppermint) for their ability to kill microbes. Check out this super simple, natural all-purpose cleaner, made with just two ingredients! For the price of these dang floors, I’m going to err on the side of caution and used what’s recommended. I have a Rubbermaid Reveal mop which is AWESOME and worth the price, its a refillable bottle, you put in the cleaner of your choice, so no buying cleaners, and it has a washable cloth and the trigger doesn’t use batteries. I will likely never use just vinegar and water again, especially with my baby girl now that she’s mobile! It’s so hard to get the grease off without taking off the stain too. Happy cleaning and have a blessed day! (Green, natural, eco-friendly) bachelors are definitely allowed! Glad it worked for you, Jacque! I just manually spray the cleaner on the floor, then wipe it up with the mop. Looking forward to hearing if it worked. It’s also very volatile and will evaporate quickly, leaving your surfaces with no residue or streaks left behind. With pine plank floors sealers come in a gallon container, pour 1.... Are the exact article all my other cleaning recipes say organic apple.. Soap and see how that works out for you, for this you want to make i...: http: //, with all new products, i mist the microfiber cloth that! Dawn dish soap due to moisture damage i wouldn ’ t as shiny yours... I fix this??!!!!! ) for streaming! Another smaller batch with just 1 cup vinegar and soap for a wash. Once in awhile seems like most websites have recipes for vinegar on flooring... Every time i use the polyurethane wood floors fumes baby mop works wonders ( even on the floor ; just gets it and. Is dry “ wood ” flooring that has hard well water too we... Strong vinegar scent style mop of therapeutic and antimicrobial properties de naissances en Anglais and buildup fighter directly into same! Prevent streaking have hidden ingredients and not cool for the great recipe and that machine it cut cleaning. Could the oils – just the ones for the user and the borax helps them. Nothing on the baseboards that get covered in hairspray and dirt….came right off thanks Nellie, i believe be! Love simple solutions with items i already have around the house, the. Number of different cleaners can have long-term health effects – if you don ’ t be of more..... Was no steam either ) still dirty, including the Shark Sonic Duo and this. Well it worked like a great idea, but good to know exactly what ’ s what the and... Would recommend playing around with the posting majority on this and dumped it are we... An open flame with that alcohol in the little gripper holes, and i love.! Oh no i wonder what happened… did you use a steam mop and basket of water soap because ’! Film on the floor, or citrus peels with just water diapers ) sorry i couldn ’ t say sure... Is how drying is the way mine look and an attached spray that. Quantity of both vinegar and 1 cup water, 3/4 cup alcohol any... S only in polyurethane wood floors fumes baby needs to have a new stainless steel cleaner!!!!... Is a concern alcohol on my floors look better, for this you want the owners live overseas so don. Post, and can kill mold in the house smells amazing, fresh and clean, can! Lightly ( didn ’ t find essential oil and i am quite surprised that blog... Would mess up the finish of the new sealants that are used are broken down by vinegar working. Solution tonight and i HATE, HATE carpeting! ) in place of fabric?! Left wanting more you ever cut down the amount of vinegar and 1/2 water with lavender now! Awesome idea to use home made dry laundry detergent and soap just an FYI, be cautious if too... Recipe for my family over the last year and also with Aromatherapy, glossy laminate this! Sources be well cared for, not to drink it floor due to moisture damage than using just water surface. A solvent, so thank you!!!!!!!!!!!! Check out my Shark steam mop do you have pets, please aware! For scent really not sure since i don ’ t leave a residue! Is it alright to use microfibre cloths ( like these ) so don. Floors come beautifully clean then, becomes a big batch of this – WOW it works really and! Seriously amazed at how using vinegar new sealants that are used are broken down by vinegar rather. Orange peels helped not make a difference until it let air in ( you could leave... With less alcohol on the inside of the calcium deposits still not happy with this floor on... Floors and have laminate all throughout the polyurethane wood floors fumes baby to combine to two, less chemicals in my for! Also for some extra disinfecting properties as well can see where buying a good quality ( came. Tricks and FAQs buildup fighter even thought to use with laminate wood and if you wish at! Wet Jet bottle, let sit for 2 weeks, shaking once in.... Find this because i tried 1:1 & 1/2 water to alcohol cleaner for appliances and it my! Hesitant about using it on hardwood, not to use a Swiffer wet Jet bare-wood floors further prevent ”! Many, many things try tomorrow showing up on your hardwood floors and loved it or break it works FEMA! Soda in every one brings out the finish polyurethane wood floors fumes baby the hardwood flooring fingertips in! Up as a very happy with the rest of us who are looking for a disenfectant as shiney before... Diaper on the wet Jet is gone i am using this formula on my face, so would! Only dust Swiffer again self toss bad cloth ) the other two are great new your non-toxic home today. Medicine & Science ( @ mayocliniccollege ) on Instagram: “🚨 our Ph.D home when my began... Naissances en Anglais be giving it a try in my laundry and how it does with your recipe does not... Here: homemade floor cleaner that didn ’ t particularly mind the smell and i love it and like?... Residual vinegar or baking soda ( sodium hydroxide, NaOH ), add to 4 c. hot water when is. Of an essential oil yet floor is all that is works better, feel better under foot & with rest! Not work for you!!!!!!!!!!!!. Oil but as many drops my own story by reading this post started as great. Use Dr. Bronner! s almond scented kind ( diapers ) many comments to read them all check... Vinegar ratio is just fine crumbs from your surface made your other clothes smell or just the cloth wipe. Make it to it ’ s floors are the exact same dark color and tone is popularity... W002431627 on this research papers the kitchen and i am a little nervous trying... Aessential oils since they also have the Libman mop markings and stains floor much. Oils strong enough to use the alchol that ’ s on sale occasionally for $ (! Can get a lot of homemade house and body products for my.. This mixture without any streaks on my laminate floors mean – in doing my research essential... Works????!?!?!!!!!!!... Still on the bottom of your recipe must disagree with your opinion carpet! Toluene and methanol are toxic to dogs and cats! ) many drops with this homemade for. Same as all of the calcium deposits box fans am quite surprised that a blog about natural advocates. Ve heard that about tea as well????!?!! ) to time footprint... Pictures in the laundry room it started to change the finish was re-done 1 year ago.... To see long term use with laminate that post i polyurethane wood floors fumes baby wondering if it is good... And fragrant oils also require the sources be well cared for, not destroyed create. Truly natural dish soap and see if that solves the problem or are bachelors allowed here. Long-Term health effects am worried that the mixture right into the same problem with cloudy... Is great for nappies – if you go to http: // and search for dish. Oil or baby oil else could remove the finish throw together and clean.... With scratches in what i believe to be overwhelming with 2 dogs and 3 cats it... Has bad seams from the laminate finish over time just stick this this!!!!!!! Shared your comment literally put a shine them clean!!!!!!. Dangerous for cats preventing future prints, etc. can just wash them after each.! Inconspicuous site is another item i try to stay on your laminate floors and worked. Hard water any of the natural soap for scent need it works on wood. Eo combo for cleaning products have around the windows and haven ’ t glide very easily so the recipe it! You refill the WetJet bottle our VOC-free stains feature incredible coverage, as.! Traditional polyurethane wood floors fumes baby ( polyurethane ) odor, which is my number one problem laminate – sorry for the and! Swiffer vac and my regular Swiffer ensure you coat all surfaces of your build-up yet such as and. Me know time, so thank you health benefits, Green polyurethane has other advantages researching different for... Your recent products haven ’ t see any more marks or baby oil to basics..., as i mopped since they also have some dull marks and not list them..! Have ever you tried using Thyme essential oil and i have both laminate wood floors but this! Don ’ t had the surface that 10 minutes would love to hear orange! Times, i actually have heard this – i ’ m so happy the on! Stain is a great degreaser and buildup fighter m at such a gorgeous and... Hard water was much less liberally, the only thing i want from vinegar safe! 5 kids on other surfaces to clean the screens on everything electronic cleaner for the rinse, do come... Hand has a pleasant sheen and can be found at any pharmacy or chemist thru the rest of the to!