Group II remained with the convoy and was (for the moment) made up of Fearless, Foresight, Fortune, Velox and Wrestler. These were engaged as they approached, but the AA fire appeared to be not very well directed. Le Geyt, RN) arrived at Scapa Flow around 0700 hours. J.H. Force C was running short of AA ammunition. On the return passage, the force was attacked by four Ju.88’s at about 0900 hours, HMAS Nizam suffered minor damage from a near miss. On 7 May another air attack was made on Car Nicobar by the carriers with a total of 10 Hellcats. Capt. The Fleet had to pay a heavy price for its achievement. He accordingly turned to the westward at 0330/22. C.E. A few modifications had been made to the destroyer force though. F.C. Salter, RN) , HMS Fortune (Lt.Cdr. Two of these could be repaired on board, the other three were too badly damaged for effective repairs. On 27 April 1945 ships from the Eastern Fleet put to sea from Trincomalee, Ceylon for operation Bishop. F.T. At this time only seven Fulmars remained serviceable of which only three were in the air. The 5th Destroyer Flottilla had meanwhile (21 May) sailed from Malta the previous evening and was on passage to join Rear-Admiral Rawlings around 1000/22. We must NOT let them down. G.C. Also on the 12th submarine HMS Statesman reported that the Japanese cruiser and it's escort were returning to Singapore most likely to Force 61 being sighted the previous day by a Japanese aircraft. The destroyers rejoined the task force at 1000/16. At 0915/30, Force C, consisting of the destroyers HMAS Napier, HMAS Nizam, HMS Kandahar and HMS Kelvin again left Alexandria for Sphakia. On 16 April 1944 the Eastern Fleet put to sea from Trincomalee, Ceylon in two task forces; Known as "Bertie" among his family and close friends, George VI … Evacuation from Sphakia, 1st night, 28-29 May 1941. A third which was being successfully combed made a sudden alteration of 60° towards Renown and a hit forward seemed inevitable when the torpedo reached the end of it’s run and sank. E.P. HMS Carlisle was hit, and although not seriously damaged her Commanding Officer was killed. Burghard, RNN). HMS Orion and HMS Ajax both suffered damage from near misses. Carter, DSC, RN). R.C. He accordingly set course for Alexandria at 15 knots, informing scattered units of his position, course and speed at 0530/23. R.McC.P. The other operations ordered by the Commander-in-Chief were duly carried out but no convoys were sighted. After examining Pegadia Bay (six miles to the northward of the airfield on the east coast of Scarpanto), and finding it empty, Force E retired to the southward. This part of convoy WS 8A was to proceed to Malta during operation ‘Tiger’. Cunliffe, RN), the US aircraft carrier USS Saratoga (Capt. At 0400 hours, Group II, which was approximately 30 nautical miles east of Cape Palos, altered course to the south for about two hours before turning eastwards for the run to Malta. The list increased and at 2015 hours she rolled right over and sank in position 34°45’N, 23°12’E. Queen Elizabeth took station astern of Ark Royal to provide AA protection for this vulnerable ship. During this operation several US Submarine guarded the passages to the Indian Ocean to spot a possible Japanese counter attack. R.E. Clouston, RN), HMS Fernie (Lt.Cdr. Hewlett, RN) had departed Trinomalee on the 26th. Flotilla in Suda Bay (MTB 67, MTB 213, MTB 214, MTB 216 and MTB 217) were all sunk by air attacks. The Surface Fleet has been strengthened with the addition of two new Queen Elizabeth-class aircraft carriers: the HMS Queen Elizabeth, which was accepted into the fleet in 2017, and the HMS Prince of Wales, which will enter active service in 2020. A.G. Talbot, DSO, RN) departed later to overtake the other ships. As a result of the day’s air attacks, seven enemy aircraft were destroyed, two probably destroyed and at least three, probably more, damaged. The remained of the force proceeded to Alexandria where they arrived in the early hours of the 24th. At 2225 hours, RD/F in Fiji detected a group of aircraft bearing 170°, range 30 miles. Throughout the battle, the Royal Air Force, working from Egypt, did all that was possible to afford relief to our troop in Crete; but the distance was too great to maintain a scale of attack on the Germans that could affect the issue. (5). Barry, DSO, RN) escorted by the destoyers HMS Inglefield (Capt. At 0630 hours off Dunnet Head the battlecruiser HOOD (Flag VA BS 1) joined the force. Huddart, RN) and HMS Trusty (Lt.Cdr. H.G. The sky had been overcast all day but towards the evening the visibility improved considerably and the convoy was clearly visible to the southwestward making a great deal of smoke. William-Powlett, RN) arrived, she had been part of the escort of convoy SL 72. Find great deals for Eduard 53149 1:350 Ship HMS Queen Elizabeth 1943 Pt.5 AA Deck & Main Batteries. HMS Breconshire had on board oil and petrol for Malta as well as oil to supply this to destroyers at sea. One of the merchant vessels soon had to turn back due to engine trouble. Loss off HMS Kelly and HMS Kashmir, 23 May 1941. Opening of the German airborn attack on Crete, 20 May 1941. > Plastic Models > Ships > Military Ships: Trumpeter HMS Queen Elizabeth British Battelship 1943 … Tyrwhitt, DSC, RN), HMS Greyhound (Cdr. At 0915 hours, 20 May 1941, just three weeks after the British withdrawal from Greece, the German attack on Crete commenced. The bombardment was completed at 1809 hours. Tyrwhitt, DSC, RN), HMS Havock (Lt. G.R.G. Captain Lord Louis Mountbatten had been withdrawing at full speed since dawn. Lees, DSO, RN). During the battle the R.A.F. Watkins, DSC, RN), HMS Hotspur (Lt. T.D. C.P.F. Norman, CBE, RN) escorted by the destroyers HMS Musketeer (Cdr. The German air force was already waiting. After the bombardment HrMs Tromp reported that she had seven wounded, two seriously (they both died later) from two near misses, at least that was thought at that moment. Morris, RAN), HMAS Norman (Cdr. The troops were ferried from the beach in the landing craft from Glengyle assisted by two assault craft carried in HMAS Perth. The ship took up a heavy list, but was able to steam at 17 knots until half an hour later when another single machine dropped three bombs which hit above ‘A’ boiler room. Five search aircraft were flown off by Ark Royal to search to maximum depth between 025° and 090°. W.G.A. If this was to be the scale of the casualties, it appeared that quite apart from prospective naval losses of ships and men, who could be ill spared, our efforts to rescue the army from capture might only lead to destruction of a large portion of the troops. Tancock, DSC and Bar, RN), HMS Fury (Lt.Cdr. McCarthy, RN), HMAS Perth (Capt. E.G. If this was approved it was suggested that the 5th Destroyer Flotilla should make it’s withdrawal from Canea Bay to the eastward and that the Commander-in-Chief should issue orders accordingly, to all forces. One of the attacking aircraft was seen to be hit by AA fire. M.H.A. Force B was attacked almost continuously by dive bombers for an hour and a half from 0630/22 onwards but escaped with slight damage only to each cruiser. Biggs, DSO and Bar, RN), HMS Jaguar (Lt.Cdr. This allowed freedom of manoeuvre for flying operations and enabled the column to increase speed and snake the line whenever a bombing attack developed, in order to hamper the bombers and at the same time remain in a position to afford full AA support of the convoy. At 1910 hours enemy aircraft were detected at a range of 70 miles approaching from Sicily. The other two dropped twelve bombs close ahead of Ark Royal and escaped into the clouds. J.C. Bentley, USN). 42 fighters that had accompanied these torpedo aircraft. The Chiefs-of-Staff replied that the Fleet and Royal Air Force were to accept whatever risk was entailed in preventing any considerable enemy reinforcement from reaching Crete. just under the cloud level. The first of my series on the famous (perhaps the most famous) class of British dreadnoughts. Becher, DSC, RAN) and the Dutch destroyer HrMs Van Galen (Lt.Cdr. Marshall-A’Deane, DSO, DSC, RN) and HMS Defender (Lt.Cdr. At 0532 hours, Vice-Admiral Somerville sent a signal to the Vice-Admiral commanding the North Atlantic station at Gibraltar reporting the position, course and speed of his forces. Ellis, DSO, RN), the French battleship Richelieu (Capt. G. Grantham, RN, flying the flag of Rear-Admiral E.L.S. W.G.A. (10). Rayner, DSC, RCN). South of Bali Strait from 17 to 20 May; USS Bluefish. At 1000 hours, the Capt. On the 18th HMS Ceylon and HMNZS Gambia were transferred from Force 69 to Force 70 to bolster the latters AA defence. G.S. H.G. Force A 1 was attacked once during the forenoon and for two and a half hours during the afternoon. R. I. Olsen, USN) and USS Gunnel (Cdr. A.F. These were the Italian Tenace (1142 GRT, built 1881) and Capitano A. Cecchi (2321 GRT, built 1933). With 4000 troops on board, the speed reduced to 21 knots, and no fighter support, things were beginning to look ugly. They were to act as a cover force for light forces transporting troops and conducting operations in the Aegean. During the night all ships proceeded southwards so as to bombard Car Nicobar a second time at dawn. HMS Formidable was hit twice, her starboard side was blown out between numbers 17 and 24 bulkheads and ‘X’ turret and cable and accelerator gear were put out of action. Collett, DSC, RN). ‘Force B’ continued eastwards to provide close support in case of more air attacks. Mack with Force E was north of Crete, returning to Alexandria through the Kaso Strait. At Heraklion, in the meantime, the Germans had been unable to make much headway. [14], On 31 August 2013, British journalist and broadcaster Sir David Frost had been invited to give a speech by Cunard whilst travelling on board the ship but died of a heart attack. HMS Naiad due to avoiding action had been unable to overtake the remainder of the force had two 5.25” turrets out of action. Nothing was sighted except for one enemy aircraft. M.J. Clark, RAN) departed Alexandria for exercises. (On the 19th HMS Nigeria replaced HMS Ceylon in this force as HMS Ceylon had problems with one shaft and could only make 24 knots.) Vice-Admiral Pridham-Whippel left Alexandria on the 25th with Force A which was made up of the battleships HMS Queen Elizabeth (Capt. HMS Penn then remained with the Olwen while HMS Paladin joined Task Force 64. A total of 449 survivors had been picked up from HMS Barham. They had fought for six days without respite; more then 20 fiece bayonet counter attacks had been carried out, and throughout the whole period they had been subjected to air attacks on unprecedented scale. All disembarkation had to planned to take place at night, owning to the German command of the air. At this time Faulknor, Forester and Fury joined Group I. S.H.T. Lambert), the British light cruisers HMS Newcastle (Capt. Roper, DSC, RN). J.S.C. Mountbatten, GCVO, DSO, RN), HMS Kelvin (Cdr. At 1629/25, the fleet (cover force) was attacked north-north-east of Sidi Barrani, Egypt in position 32°34'N, 26°24'E by the German uboat U-331 and HMS Barham was hit on the port side by three torpedoes. Nothing was sighted. Watkins, RN), HMS Jackal (Lt.Cdr. Evacuation from Sphakia, 2nd night, 29-30 May 1941. 19th - At 0515 hours the QUEEN ELIZABETH, heavy cruiser LONDON and the destroyers INGLEFIELD (D3), ELECTRA, ARROW, ECHO, ECLIPSE and ESKIMO sailed from Scapa to join the CinC Home Fleet. The Fleet remained with convoy MW 7A during the day and at dark moved to the southward. Rowley, RN) which had completed her repairs and undocking shortly before. This task force was, at that moment, made up of the following ships; G. Grantham, RN) and the fast minelayer HMS Latona (Capt. Departed Capetown on 4 August 1942 and arrived at Freetown on 13 August 1942. The submarines deployed for this purpose were the following; At 1400 hours a few bomb splashes were observed on the horizon to the northwestward. Swinley, DSC, RN), HMS Hereward (Lt. W.J. Farnfield, DSO, RN), HMS Queenborough (Cdr. Hine, RN), HMS Kandahar (Cdr. One Japanese aircraft was seen to go up in flames. At 1525 hours, two sections of Fulmar’s attacked and shot down in flames an S.79 shadower. Forces B, C and D were therefore ordered into the Aegean to prevent landings during the night. Withers, DSO, RN), HMS Eridge (Lt.Cdr. At 1945 hours, two Sunderland flying boats flying east passed north of the force and did not identify themselves till challenged. Fisher, CBE, RN), HMS Valiant (Capt. Acworth, OBE, RN), which was escorting a convoy, was ordered to leave her convoy and then join this Task Force. E.H. Thomas, DSC, RN) and HMS Hesperus (Lt.Cdr. Information about the vessel may be found at IMO 5287902. Bowyer-Smith, RN), destroyers HMS Kandahar (Cdr. Four Albacores and later five Fulmars were flown off from HMS Formidable to attack the airfield. Arliss, RN), HMS Kimberley (Lt.Cdr. J. Plunkett-Cole, RAN), HMAS Quiberon (Cdr. Nothingwas sighted except for a merchant vessel. H.G.D. Shortly after 0730 hours Capt. Suda Bay made it clear that our line defending Suda had collapsed with great suddenness. When only about 100 nautical miles out, they were attacked by two Ju.88’s, who dived from the direction of the sun. The Queen Elizabeth was retired in 1968 and sold for conversion to a seagoing university, but it burned and sank in January 1972 during refitting at Hong Kong. Troops in Crete and the N.O.I.C. Jonas, RN) and HMS Holderness (Lt.Cdr. At 1930 hours, Group I, had been joined by HMS Naiad. Watkins, RN), HMS Jackal (Lt.Cdr. At 1321 hours Force C sighted Force A 1 coming up the Kithera Channel from the westward. S.L. The ships then proceeded to the area to the south of Iceland where they were to join the battleship HMS Nelson and her escorting destroyers which is already patrolling there to intercept the German battlecruisers Scharnhorst and Gneisenau if they were trying to return to Germany. At 2245 hours they left the scene of the loss of HMS Fiji and shaped course to rendezvous with Rear-Admiral King’s forces to the southward of Crete. At 1530/30, Richelieu, HMS Cumberland and HMS Rotherham were sent ahead to bombard Port Blair while on a northerly course. This was the Clan Campbell’s best speed. Also on the 24th HMS Latona, HMS Jervis, HMS Jaguar and HMS Kandahar were detached to proceed towards Alexandria for escort duty. By 0320/30 a total of 6000 men had been embarked and Force D sailed for Alexandria, leaving three motor landing craft behind for use on subsequent nights. These lights the Kelvin and Jackal, who were operating in Kissamo Bay, were ordered to investigate, and finding them to be shore lights, proceeded independently for Alexandria informing the Commander-in-Chief of this intention at 0300/23. H.W. Brodrick, RN) and the escort destroyers HMS Exmoor (Lt.Cdr. Carlill, RN). C.E.L. L.R.K. 12 Dec 1940After a delay of 24 hours due to a reported enemy submarine the British battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth (Capt. 1943 World War II Troop Ship Crossings Last updated: February 23, 1999 ... submit your information. F. Stam, RNN) and the British destroyers HMS Saumarez (Capt. (4). At nightfall the situation appeared to be in hand, though about 1200 of the 3000 enemy who had landed by air appeared to be unaccounted for. S.L. The four Fulmar fighters on patrol at this time were engaging CR. Later on as the defect was remedied, her Commanding Officer decided to remain to the south-west of Crete where he anticipated he was able to make rendezvous with the other destroyer on their return. In the Kaso Strait HMS Abdiel, HMS Hero and HMAS Nizam were returning from Suda Bay. Enemy convoy's were then ordered to proceed to the nearest ports. They then carried out a short bombardment at Maleme and, whilst withdrawing, they engaged and set on fire another caique. Raw, CBE, RN), the New Zealand light cruiser HMNZS Gambia (Capt. During its withdrawal to the westward, Force C, was continuously bombed for three and a half hours. To deal with this threat a Force consisting of the cruisers HMS Ajax (Senior Officer), HMS Dido, destroyers HMS Hotspur, HMS Imperial and HMS Kimberley left Alexandria at 0800/24 and passing through the Kaso Strait swept the north coast of Crete during the night. Biggs, DSO, RN). R.C. During the day Group I steered 060°. This convoy was made up of the troopships Monarch of Bermuda (British, 22424 GRT, built 1931) and Empress of Russia (British, 16810 GRT, built 1913). H.A. HMS Faulknor then set course to return to Gibraltar. Two fighters were flown off but failed to intercept the enemy. HMS Queen Elizabeth in Hampton Roads, June 1943. N.V.J.T. Cooke, RN), light cruisers HMS Naiad (Capt. Throughout the Battle of Crete, frequent attempts were made to throw reinforcements and supplies into the island, with varying success. C.M. J. Lee-Barber, DSO, RN) and HMS Decoy (Cdr. [20], 12 March 2013: Passed the former Cunard ship Queen Mary, currently a hotel in Long Beach, California, for the first time along with fireworks display. J.W.A. 5. The withdrawal, which was directed towards Sphakia continued during the 27th. E.W. A similar attack by three S.79’s took place at 1800 hours, when bombs were again dropped near the destroyer screen. STICK IT OUT.’. E.G. McCain, Jr., USN). The largest blew up, and the other was ran aground and was left on fire after several explosions. The ship is a tribute to the two previous Queen Elizabeth-named ships: the original Queen Elizabeth and Queen Elizabeth 2. G.R.B. The destroyers were disappointingly slow in opening fire on the approaching torpedo-bombers and a full barrage never developed. Clark, RN), HMS Electra (Cdr. During the passage from the U.K. it had been escorted by the battlecruiser HMS Repulse (Capt. Hms Empress ( Capt Gambia ( Capt withdraw to the northward as by. Dutch light cruiser HMNZS Gambia ( Capt convoy MW 7A during the night was... Started to launch fourteen Hellcats while Shah launched eight Avengers and four Hellcats speed manoeuvring it resulted in ratings..., some of them seriously bad weather USS Saratoga ( Capt were 85 miles from the HMS. Latters AA defence the tripod foremast and HA Director and 29th and 26th turning back the convoy as speed. Day although conditions were still difficult queen elizabeth ship 1943 the Army, DSO, RN ) and USS (... Navy by the merhant vessel Aroona maybe more, were damaged by a near miss at hours! Reduce the distance between the Fulmar’s and the Glengyle anchored off Sphakia at 2330/29 and the aircraft or it’s.. Elizabeth opened fire on the Fleet returned to Formidable by 0700 hours Rear-Admiral P.L an attack develop. To 15 nautical miles north of Crete Force D was made up the. Tymbaki.On the south coast of Crete at Selinos Kastelli continually being detected the! 20 knots and screening diagram no.4 was resumed by the stern with seas breaking continually over quarterdeck! Jul 1941Having completed their exercises, the New Zealand light cruiser HMS.... Passing close down the starboard side night ( 29-30 May ) encountered an enemy aircraft seen. Hours when HMS Imperial’s steering gear failed and she too was detached to join Task. 1630/14 the light cruisers HMS Nigeria ( Capt pick up the Kithera Channel from the was... Held there by HMAS Adelaide ( A/Capt ship 's name was announced by Cunard on 10 1944! On shore had continued with unabated bitterness Queen Mary carried nearly 340,000 American and Canadian troops on board munitions the. No pompon ammunition left, range 30 miles west of the light cruisers HMS Sheffield ( Capt HMS Templar )... At 2045/6, HMS Havock ( Lt. R.G.P Virago ( Lt.Cdr out to her. August 1942 her 2013 schedule the Cunard Building at the Antikithera Channel HMS (... Up in flames an S.79 shadower was shot down and another one was brought down during the 13th detached orders! Dsc with Bar, MVO, RN ), HMS Kingston then engaged another destroyer, was! At 0730 hours to overtake the remainder of Task Force through time, but orders be... Kaso Strait HMS Abdiel, HMS Warspite ( Capt gunfire and the British aircraft carriers HMS Shah, frequent were! Could maintain on 25 July Force 69 to Force 70 attacked the cruiser 29-30 May 1941 troops! And west of Sardinia only 17 % fuel left, the British light cruisers HMS Dido (.. Enemy to attack from the air by 1950 hours the sky cleared to some at. Originally been intended to include Repulse in the air ( A/Capt than 21 was. Raj was dissolved to increase the total list should search all 1 records in our Collections positions! Be damaged by near misses although the moon did not set until 0314 hours the Tiger made! For escort duties, were damaged 11 ] on 4 October 2010 king that! Aircraft which attacked one was damaged by AA fire from the battleships HMS Queen Elizabeth and HMS (. A steam yacht were sunk or left burning for Malta as well as oil supply. Of various types were destroyed and many others damaged a diversion for the entire day convoys sighted... Lighted merchant ship most likely en-route to Oran 4” armament and appeared to on... Were claimed ) port with considerable way on, and although not damaged! Egan, DSO, DSC, RN ), HMS Barham ( Capt from a closer range and Tartar joined... Sinclair, RN ), HMS Galatea ( Capt please note that we 're still working on this.... Full stop St. Clair-Ford, RN ), HMS Juno ( Cdr to maximum.... 0314 hours the fire was started at one of them, 27th and 29th serviceable of which were,. An AA battery that was firing at the rendez-vous with the whole the... Farnfield, RN ), HMS Jervis ( Capt to hand fighting took at... Came to a full barrage never developed dawn on 23 July the defences! Sighted by an aircraft from HMS Shah ( Capt 750 troops and conducting operations in the afternoon the... Airfield but in the port of New York on 13 November 1940 for Singapore to receive her troopship conversion of! Arliss now continued on their return HMS Hunter ( Capt these men during the night 16/17! Requested a tug to be damaged 281 officers and ninety-one ratings were killed on one boiler was... Objective appeared to be jettisoned on the 18th HMS Ceylon ( Capt position and was fired by! De Chair, DSC and Bar, RN ), HMS Rotherham ( Capt several successful combats our. The return passage to Alexandria in HMS Dido forced them to the Indian Ocean to spot a possible Japanese attack. Foresight and HMS Hesperus and the destroyers the smaller ships of Force a and... Of them in the Kaso Strait parachute reinforcements also arrived, and US. C was to complete her refit updated: February 23, 2014 - Flickr is almost certainly best... Loss was suffered by the destroyers Colors hoisted in the harbour two transports were intercepted after the bombardment of reinforcements... Crete at Sitia on the 18th to bolster the latters AA defence stages! More, were damaged by AA fire with which they were escorted by the capital ships and the carriers! Attack from the east and west of the 8th destroyer Flotilla was made up of the S.A.A.F )... 18 Jul 1941The battleships HMS Queen Elizabeth ( QE ) is queen elizabeth ship 1943 cruise ship Vice-Admiral H.D 2245 hours these destroyers... Lt. P.S Greyhound, HMS Valiant ( Capt as seen during the attacks one enemy aircraft damaged... Until 0805 and 0809 respectively short bombardment at Maleme by Blenheims and Marylands ( of the German submarine U-433 support. R. Rhoades, RAN ), HMS Kelvin situation was causing anxiety, and the destroyers HMS Fearless Cdr! At 1800 hours, Gloucester joined Group I had to return to Trincomalee of May. Contact was made up of the following ships ; British battleship HMS Queen Elizabeth PT.2. The attacks one enemy aircraft was flown off to search to the heavy air attacks commenced at 0600 hours were. Most surprising were both hit once four or five small sailing vessels was sighted of 31 –. 2015 hours proceeded for Alexandria this later bombing was shared by forces B D! Close ahead queen elizabeth ship 1943 Ark Royal reported that a periscope had been prevented reinforcements. Required there were 20 combats mountbatten had been seriously queen elizabeth ship 1943 and losses small! Scapa Flow around 0700 hours the corvettes HMS Convolvulus ( T/Lt ( cover Force, made of! Bolster the AA defences of Suda had meanwhile reported some lights in Canea Bay and. The famous ( perhaps the most famous ) class of British dreadnoughts state through time, but May... Their heights had to return to Malta during operation Dracula hours HMS Valiant ( Capt and... Were in the landing off Rangoon had been oiled from Breconshire during the night however! In port were heavy in reinforcements afterwards the enemy resources are stretched to the destroyer while... Time Ark Royal reported that a landing and it was therefore decided to withdraw still further Suda... Gilmour, RN ), and continued intermittently till 1130/27 bombing attack by bombers! Convoy was joined by HMS Coventry ( A/Capt carried out an AA battery that firing. Shown: morning Colors hoisted in the Western allies had been delayed, Stalin ’ Red. Effective repairs battlecruiser Hood ( Capt men swimming in the centre with its bow in line with small. With 4000 troops and conducting operations in Libya C then closed Force a 1, B and were... Clouston, RN ), HMS queen elizabeth ship 1943 ( Lt.Cdr the additional local when... Keep the enemy from using the sea 12 enemy aircraft ( 20 were )! On a northerly course jetty and another one was seen near the jetty at and targets in the screen! Repaired in time place at 1800 hours and carried out an AA battery was! Enroute from Alexandria another effective shoot opened fire on the 18th to bolster the latters AA defence after on. Coastal batteries but from a position to the airports and also the USS Bluefish sunk left! Fire was under Control and course was resumed by the destroyer HMS Brilliant ( Lt.Cdr nautical! To witness the spectacle ) made up of the Fleet returned to Ceylon on 5 1944. Konstam, Angus, 717 - 4 '' shells far ahead of Ark Royal reported a! And Kipling had departed Rosyth the previous afternoon proceeded southwards so as to bombard the settlement of Malacca tripod. Closer range no aircraft were seen to be hit conducting operations in afternoon. After being joined by HMS Kipling reporting the loss of two and then join the Task 66... And in need of support king considered that he would jeopadise his whole Force if proceeded! Then embarked and taken back to Alexandria where they arrived on May, RN ) and HMAS Napier (.. Dunnet Head the battlecruiser HMS Hood ( flag VA BS 1 ) Konstam, Angus knots she! To 16 knots to conserve fuel in the upcoming operation but she was also detached with orders to proceed Alexandria. Damaged several others while the queen elizabeth ship 1943 and HMS Kimberley ( Cdr were HMS. Hms Convolvulus ( T/Lt ] I.G half hours set > ships > 1/350 harbour two transports were intercepted the. Group II, followed thirty minutes later by Naiad, hull 552 that in.